For Readers of Women’s Fiction and Romance/Suspense

Another book promotion featuring a book by one of our blogging friends, Stevie Turner. Romance and Suspense, so probably something for everyone on this occasion.

Stevie Turner

There’s a BookFunnel promotion running until the end of January that features 53 books and free samples for fans of Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Women, and Romance/Suspense. One of those 53 is my family drama ‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome‘, and you can download a free sample by clicking on the link below:

‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome’ won a Readers’ Favorite silver award when it was first published.


The Daughter-in-law Syndrome investigates the complicated relationship causing much friction between Grandmother Edna Deane and her daughter-in-law Arla. In addition it focuses on the sometimes tumultuous partnership between Arla and her husband Ric.

Arla Deane sometimes likens her marriage to undergoing daily psychological warfare. Husband Ric will never voice an opinion, and puts his mother Edna up high on a pedestal. Arla is sick of always feeling that she comes in at only second best to her mother-in-law, who much to Arla’s…

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Book Promotion: The Response

I am delighted to say I have had a great response to the book promotion offer.

To those of you who have contacted me, I say “Thank You”. But please be aware that I will be publishing them in the order received, so there may be a delay until you see your promotional post on here. Though never fear, it will appear!

This is not time-limited, so if you are not quite ready yet, send me the details when you are.

Best wishes, Pete.