The Return Of Brave Cat!

In 2019, I posted about Ollie’s encounters with some of the feline residents of Beetley. If you never saw that, here’s a link.

Ollie and The Yellow Cat

Since writing that post, ‘Hiding Cat’ has gone. I don’t think it was anything medical or sinister, just that the family sold the bungalow and moved away.

‘Yellow Cat’ is still very much around, usually running to hide under any conveniently parked car when he spots Ollie coming. In the absence of any cars, he climbs whatever fence is handy. Bulky Tortoiseshell from the house directly behind seems to have met his maker. The same family still live there, but there has been no sign of the large cat for almost two years now.

‘Alfie Cat’, who I call ‘Alfredo’, still lives next door, and he comes to see Ollie frequently, enjoying a belly rub from me into the bargain. If our door is open, he will even wander in and have a look around.

But not long after writing that post, ‘Brave Cat’, the cat who knows no fear, seemed to have disappeared. Though Ollie habitually checked the hedge up the road where BC used to lurk, there was never a sign of him.

Until today.

Walking back with Ollie this afternoon, he hesitated at the hedge, as he always does. After a tentaive sniff of the foliage, he began to move.

Then BAM! Brave cat appeared, running down the the short driveway to his house, rearing up at Ollie’s face with front paws raised like a prize-fighter. Just as well Ollie was on his lead by then, as he retreated so fast, he might have ended up in the road otherwise.

I have to say, I do admire that cat. It has guts, no denying that.