By My Standards, A Busy day

I don’t do a lot. Blogging, cooking, a bit of housework, and taking Ollie out on his walks. I don’t feel guilty about that, as I am retired, and worked hard to be able to do very little now.

But today felt busy. I was up early, in the bath, then dressed and ready to go out before ten. (Early by my standards) Of course, as I headed off to my bank in Dereham, I forgot it was Market Day. Despite the once substantial and thriving market now amounting to just four of five stalls as a mobile coffee bar, the local people still set great store by ‘Market Day’.

As a result, the first two car parks were already full, and I eventually found a space in one of the less popular ones heading out of town. Then when I got to the bank, there was a decent queue of ‘Market Day’ customers doing their banking, so I had to wait almost thirty minutes to sort out what I had gone there to do.

Then it was off to Swaffham, to collect Ollie’s arthritis painkillers. Twelve miles each way, including a delay at the Vet’s because they couldn’t find Ollie on the computer system. It seems my London accent was to blame. The lady was looking for ‘Holly’, presuming my accent had dropped the ‘H’. (Quite amusing, really)

Back in time for a late lunchtime sandwich, then out onto Beetley Meadows for the dog walk. On the way, I encountered a lady who has recently moved in two doors down, and we chatted for a while. Then over on The Meadows, we met up with a lady dog walker and chatted about my driving licence saga, which she knows about from reading my blog.

By the time Ollie had managed a decent walk, including three dips in the river because it was 26C (79F) and sunny, Julie was home from work, and we sat and chatted for a while.

So, no serial episode has been written, and I am now about to start preparing dinner.

Sorry about that.

Trouble Keeping Up

With the decluttering finally drawing to a close, (Six bags of my old clothes and shoes destined for the Charity Shops) I have had another busy weekend.

Now dinnertime is approaching this Sunday evening. I have had no spare time to write my next serial episode, and the posts of bloggers I follow keep arriving in my inbox.

So, I cannot keep up today.

Bear with me, and I will read and comment on all of your posts eventually.



Domestic stuff: Apologies

I am in the middle of the process of trying to get my kitchen brought into the 21st century.
This has involved a huge amount of cleaning, as well as discarding numerous things that I had kept, ‘just in case’.

As a result, I am absolutley exhausted tonight, and unable to keep up with all your posts.

I am sorry, but I assure you that ‘normal service’ will be resumed soon. Meanwhile, if I have not read your post, or liked and commented, now you know why.

Best wishes, Pete.