Today, my wife has gone out to take her daughters and grandchildren to a petting farm near the town of Downham Market. She left early, and probably won’t be home until after dark.

With my driving licence still in dispute, I am feeling stuck.

It is a lovely sunny day in Beetley, set to reach 16C later. If I was allowed to drive, I could go somewhere else though. Take Ollie to North Elmham or Neatherd Moor for a change of scene, then maybe pop into town to get fresh bread and something from the shops.

Of course, I could walk. But Ollie has arthritis now, and cannot walk as far as he used to. Even walking into town would take 90 minutes each way to Neatherd Moor and a walk to North Elmham Woods would be over an hour each way, walking on fast roads. Ollie is terrified of walking close to traffic.

So I feel stuck. Beetley is a nice enough place to be stuck in, but I know every inch of the village and its surroundings by now.

The irony is that if I was able to drive, I might not choose to go anywhere.

But having that choice is what is important.