Spam and Trash Craziness

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been receiving 7-9 pages of Spam comments daily, and at least 5 pages of Trash, or more. I have done my best to sift through all the nonsense in the hope of finding genuine comments, and managed to retrieve at least 10 this week.

But I no longer have the time or the inclination to do this, so I am apologising in advance for any of your comments that do not appear.

From today, I will be applying ‘Bulk Delete’ on all of it.

Both Unwell

Just a quick update.

Ollie managed to finally lie down at 10:30pm last night. He also had a drink of water, his first for over 10 hours. He is not that much better today, and was very stiff-legged on his short walk. But at least he can rest properly now.

I am also unwell, so I will not be posting anything, or reading anyone else’s posts today. Sorry about that.

I hope to be able to get around to replying to all the comments on my posts tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am going back to bed.

Spam And Trash Folders

It is only Thursday, and so far this week I have had to recover 17 genuine comments from either the Spam or Trash folders.

None of these comments contained any ‘banned words’, and none had any links, suspicious or otherwise. It appears that WP is dumping some comments randomly again, so you may all want to check these folders before deleting them in bulk.

Comments, Trash Folder, And Banned Words

After all the problems yesterday with genuine comments going into my Trash folder, when I logged on this morning, I found six more.

So I went straight to the Help option (A big ? in a circle) to chat online with a WP technician on Live Chat.
(This option is available to me as I have a paid plan, Premium.)

After some investigation, WP suggested to me that the comments contained some of my banned words, in particular a combination of the letters RV. This means that words such as ‘Deserved’ and Served’ containing those letters in combination caused the comment to be trashed.

Although this did not seem obvious to me, I have done as they suggested, and removed ‘RV’ from my banned list.

I originally put that on the list as I was being plagued with Spam from an American motorhome company using ‘RV’ (recreational vehicle) in their messages.

If the suggestion from WP does not improve things today, I will be straight back onto them and contacting the Live Chat again.

**UPDATE** Trash Folder Woes

I have spent a long time today approving and replying to genuine comments in my Trash folder.
This has meant that I have not finished today’s serial episode yet.

They eventually totalled 50, and some are still being trashed as I type.

None of them contain any particular banned words or phrases (or parts of phrases) from my list.

I do not have a clue why this is happening, so please bear with me until it stops. If it doesn’t stop, I fear I may have to revert to approving every comment, something I never wanted to have to do.

Some followers appear to be unaffected by this, and from what Carolyn told me, it seems to have something to do with the Reader, or replying directly to Email notifications.

All it has succeeded in doing is to make me even more fed up with WordPress than I usually am anyway.

‘Trash Folder’ Glitch

I was just looking to see where Jude’s comment had gone, and found 41 genuine comments in my Trash Folder.

This is a definite WP glitch, and it might be an idea for everyone to check their own folders.

Apologies to everyone involved for my late replies to your comments. I am going to have to wade through all 10 pages of my Trash Folder every day now.

Trouble Keeping Up

With the decluttering finally drawing to a close, (Six bags of my old clothes and shoes destined for the Charity Shops) I have had another busy weekend.

Now dinnertime is approaching this Sunday evening. I have had no spare time to write my next serial episode, and the posts of bloggers I follow keep arriving in my inbox.

So, I cannot keep up today.

Bear with me, and I will read and comment on all of your posts eventually.



Catching Up

Although I was only away overnight on Saturday, and busy yesterday, I was amazed at how many posts I missed, and comments I had received.

I have done my best to answer all the comments, and will now make an effort to catch up on all your posts.

No doubt I will get there eventually. 🙂

There will be an episode of Found Footage later today.

WordPress Unfollowing: A New Glitch

Over the past couple of months, WordPress has been ‘unfollowing’ me from a group of bloggers who have all followed me for some time. This has happened to Beth, Liz Guffreau, and a few others. Today, it happened to Jude, one of the first people to ever follow this blog.

What’s going on, WordPress?

I have also had some of my comments on other blogs ‘Trashed’ by WordPress. Most recently some comments on Stevie Turner’s blog.

I get that uneasy feeling that good old WordPress is up to something behind the scenes. Perhaps another ‘innovation’?

And when they are doing that, it is rarely about anything good.

Serial Episode/Emptying Spam

Apologies for missing off the episode of ‘Outside’ yesterday. It will be posted later today.

Sorry to say I am getting between 70-100 Spam comments arriving in my Spam Folder every day at the moment, something of a ‘Spam Avalanche’.

I just don’t have the time to check them individually, so if anyone’s comments are being put in Spam by mistake, I apologise in advance for missing them.

I am just using the ‘Empty Spam’ option, to delete them in bulk.