The First Sunday Musings For October

Back to normal at long last. Shopping on the usual day, things to watch on TV in the evenings, and Ollie’s routine firmly established again.


Royal news was still around, but the channels kept it sensibly short. The public can now view the big engraved slab covering the Queen’s tomb, and new coins showing an image of King Charles will be released soon. Other than that, we got a break from Royalist intensity.


I managed to get my Covid-19 booster two months early, thanks to numerous no-shows at the vaccination centre. I received a phone call in the afternoon inviting me to attend, and less than 30 minutes later I was fully vacccinated.


The weather has been up and down. Very cold at the start of last week, then some bouts of heavy rain and near gale-force winds by Friday. Then on Saturday we had a sunny and warm day, seeing temperatures much higher than expected at 19C. (66F)


The cost of living increases (which are still being blamed on the war in Ukraine despite the huge profits of most major companies) are now more noticeable at the supermarket. Last Monday’s big-shop had increased by almost £14 on the previous week, buying much the same range of items. I can only expect it to get worse in the coming winter, when they can blame weather conditions in addition to the war.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a peaceful Sunday.