Meet Guest Bloggers Zozo & Jools (and The Muttwits)…

Chris is hosting The Usual Muttwits over at his blog. Check out the post for their full story!

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What is our blog about: 

Usual Muttwits follows the misadventures of a diverse community of dogs inhabiting the fictitious Thameside town of Westley Piddle.  The blog features stories on the various muttwit characters and is experienced through their own particular dogs’-eye point of view.

Each story (which is weekly serialized) focuses on one particular muttwit from the pack, forced off his furry butt to do something extraordinary to help out his best mates. What should be a simple enough ask mostly ends up in pure doggerel, lots of ear-flapping, and a quick bite or two of both friend and foe.

The blog is presented in the style of a graphic diary with the manga-inspired illustrations drawn or doodled beside the text which [‘”wot’] is written in a colloquial London voice. The stories are created to be family-friendly so there is no gratuitous language, sex or violence either written or…

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Your Dog Online: Usual Muttwits

The Usual Muttwits site may well feature your very own canine pal on their ‘Most Wanted’ page!
Dogs tails from Westley Piddle
Just follow the instructions below, and your favourite doggy pal may well become a blogging star!

Who likes Muttwits? You do, of course – but wouldn’t it be great if you could see your very own muttwit on

Introducing the Usual Muttwits Most Wanted page of all your furry besties!

Simply trot over to the Usual Muttwits Facebook page, or go direct to and upload a sharply-focused Muttshot of your sharp-looking doggy (together with name, age and breed, plus a few words on personality) and we’ll share on our new sub-page.

Every month Zozo will choose a few Muttshots and draw them. Some may even trot into upcoming stories…

Two gifts, one thought

I wanted to get Julie something unusual for Christmas. After thinking long and hard, I decided to commission a portrait of Ollie for her. I knew exactly where to go for that, to my talented blogging friend and marvellous artist, Jane Lee McCracken. I have bought her prints and T-shirts before, as well as greeting cards she sells. Her work is done in ballpoint pen, and rendered in meticulous detail.
I contacted Jane in the summer, and sent various photos of Ollie, agreeing a price for the completed work to be mounted and framed too. She sent back various ideas, and I eventually settled on one. When it arrived, I couldn’t have been happier, and I was excited to see Julie open it on the 25th.

Before I handed it to her, she gave me a present too. Despite the Christmas wrapping paper, it was obviously a framed print or photograph. Once it was opened, you can imagine my surprise.

She had also commissioned a drawing of Ollie, from a friend she met on social media. And she had also chosen a design with more than one image, in her case a pencil drawing, with pictures showing Ollie as a tiny pup, contrasted with him now.

I cannot recall ever having given and received near-identical presents before, but this was indeed a double delight. If you would like to contact Jane with a commission idea, this is the website where you can see her work, and use the contact form.
Payment is made easy by Paypal, and I can confirm that she is 100% reliable.

Both photos can be greatly enlarged, by clicking on them.