A Photo-Edit Thank You.

When I posted my holiday photos recently, I was upset that a photo of Julie and Ollie was spoiled by leaving in a plastic shopping bag, and Ollie’s drinking bowl. Here is the offending photo.

(All three photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

Two very kind blogging friends offered to edit the photo so they could not be seen, then sent me the edited result. I have no idea how to do this, so for me it is like a magic trick!

From Ed Westen. https://deartedandjody.wordpress.com/blog/

From Fraggle. https://fragglerocking.org/

I am very grateful to them both for their time and trouble, and I will have them printed soon.

Another great example of helpful community bloggers.

Blogger’s Books: Ed Westen

I am very pleased to announce that one of my blogging friends, Ed Westen, has published a book on Amazon. It is currently available at the bargain price of 99 p for the Kindle edition, too good to miss. A detective procedural novel, enlivened by the addition of memorable characters, all of whom are regulars in what will be a long-running series.

Ed is a retired teaching professor, and an accomplished blogger and writer. He lives in America’s Pacific North-West, close to Mount St Helen’s. For some years now, we have been great pen-pals, and I had the honour to proof read his latest work, ‘Buried In The Park’. If you enjoy a short character-driven murder mystery, with some delicious twists and turns, you can do no better than to buy this book.

Ed blogs daily at this site, https://deartedandjody.wordpress.com/blog/ and also occasionally about finance and fiscal theories here. https://democratizemoney.wordpress.com/

His book is available worldwide from Amazon, and here are some buying links. (America)


Please check out his great blogs, and also his entertaining new book. If the links don’t work for you, please search under T. Edward Westen on Amazon.

A new book

I am always happy to promote any fellow blogger’s books, as you know. I got the happy news today that the Kindle version of Ed Westen’s (Theo) book is available, with the paperback to follow. Despite having proof copies of this book, I was happy to buy my own Kindle copy for the incredibly reasonable price of just £2.71. ($3.49)

Imagine if the government gave everyone Free money? How could this affect the economy, and would it make for better living standards for all? Is it even viable? Ed will answer all your questions in this fascinating book, outlining his plan for the (U.S.) government to give away money to every citizen, ensuring a regular basic income. It could work in almost any developed country, and is a radical idea that could change economics as we know it.

Here’s a link to the Amazon US site, and I have also added a link for British readers.

You may have seen Ed’s comments on my blog posts, or read his site, https://deartedandjody.wordpress.com

Please investigate his new book, and see if it the sort of thing you might be interested in.