A Small But Irritating Change

This morning, I noticed a different style in the email notifications I receive for comments on my blog posts.

They now appear as shown below. However, when I click on ‘Reply’, it no longer goes straight to the comment as it did before. Instead it takes me to the top of the post itself, and I have to scroll down to locate the comment. Another small change from WordPress, and a minor irritation in my blogging enjoyment.

New comment on beetleypete

Stevie Turner

commented on A Real Spy Story: Part Twenty-Eight

In response to beetleypete:

This is the twenty-eighth part of a fiction serial, in 897 words. Helen was ready for me the next morning, reasonably well …

Hurray! She’s free!

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Block Editor: A Reblog

Here is a reply a blind blogger received about her dislike of the Block Editor.

Keep complaining! You never know!

Therapy Bits

Heres what the customer service rep at wp said to me when I sent in my complaint.
I’ll put what I wrote and then their response back to me!

manyofus1980Mon, Aug 24, 10:00 PM
Hi! I wanted to bring it to your attention that most of my blogger friends and me are not happy with the block editor, many of my blogger friends are going to move their blog elsewhere, can you bring back classic editor? I am blind, and the block editor is confusing. Classic editor works well! Is there a possibility you can use it again or we can have a choice? I’d really love it if we could, I don’t want to see all of my blogging buddies abandon their blogs and leave wp!

WP.comMon, Aug 24, 10:01 PM
Hi! I can understand your frustration. We’re listening and passing along the feedback that we’re getting…

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Change of Email address

After continuing problems with Yahoo Mail, I changed my email address with many people, and lots of companies, including WordPress. As those delivery delays and many other issues with Yahoo Mail continue, I have decided to make my alternative email into my main contact one.

For anyone who contacts me by email, or thinks they might ever want to do so, I have now changed my contact email on the ‘About’ page too.

So, if you have me saved as a contact, then please change it to the following email address for any future correspondence.


It’s a bit of a silly one, I know. But it works, and is reliable.

I may still make contact or reply via Yahoo on occasion, when I know it is working properly.

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

New email, and new photo

I have now changed my email address for use with WordPress. I also changed the photo that accompanies the comments too. (It seems I had to, and the old one wouldn’t fit in the new editor!)

If you are someone who regularly contacts me privately, please continue to use the previous Yahoo email. But in the future, you might see the new email address is a Gmail one, and that is now associated with this blog.

Thanks a lot to those who helped me discover how to do it.


Yahoo Mail: Problems and irritations.

Just a short post to let you all know that I have been having lots of issues with my Yahoo.com email address. It keeps telling me that my inbox is empty, and this has been going on for three days now. I am not sure if it is a Yahoo ‘glitch’, as it is virtually impossible to contact anyone there directly.

There is a short window of opportunity when I first log on, and I am able to see and answer emails. As soon as I delete anything, the rest disappears, occasionally popping up just to tease me! I am reluctant to use another email account just yet, as so much is connected to the Yahoo one, it would mean a lot of tiresome sorting out.

So if I have failed to reply to an email, missed a blog post, or anything else related to irritating problems with electronic communication, I apologise.
But it is really not my fault.

If you are reading this, Yahoo, please sort it out!