Sometimes, I wonder

I am a well-organised blogger. I work hard at it, I enjoy my main hobby, and I love the community.

But recently, I have started to wonder if WordPress is actually worth our custom and our dedication.

Too many glitches. Too much rubbish about the Block Editor and business customers. Too many comments gone to Spam, or found in Spam.

There are days when I just think about bowing out, saying farewell, and finding something else to occupy my time. And with every glitch and annoyance, that feeling becomes stronger, believe me.

Today is one of ‘those’ days.

How hard can it be for WordPress to just run our blogs easily? If they spent less time pandering to business customers and phone users, I am certain that we would have less problems as bloggers.

As I approach my tenth year of blogging, I am growing weary of paying for a Premium service that they cannot be bothered to provide, just because I am a private, ‘hobby’ blogger. I feel close to breaking point, I really do. After a happy week, WordPress has pissed me off completely this Sunday.

Anyone else as fed up as I am?

An Extended Break

I admit I am sick and tired of it all, and worn down. WordPress is all over the place with the Block Editor, and now Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon, and banned me until I can provide a mobile number. I cannot do that, as my phone is broken, and nobody wants to accept responsibility for that. I am literally overwhelmed with Tech, and that is not a place where I want to be.

So for now, I will still follow and comment on everyone’s posts.

But as for the rest of it, I am quite literally fed up to my back teeth with unnecessary Tech fiddling, and obeying nonsenical rules. Life is too short at my age to bother about constant re-learning, so other than keeping up with my valued blogging friends, I will be taking a very long break from blogging, and everything else.

It may turn into a permanent break, just so you know.

My best wishes to you all as always, Pete.