100 A Day

No, this isn’t about cigarette consumption.

Recent weeks have seen me delving into the stats once again.

Despite the potential world-wide appeal of my blog, at least in places where English is spoken, visitors from America account for at least 100 more daily views than from anywhere else. Some days, that figure exceeds 150. On many occasions, it also exceeds the total from all the other countries combined.

Once again I have to conclude that I owe a debt of gratitude to my American followers and readers.

As always, you have my sincere thanks.


Everyone cannot fail to have noticed that I have recently been reblogging lots of old posts from 2012 and 2013. At that time, I had less than 100 followers, and I now have over 4,000.

With that in mind, I thought it was long overdue to look back into my archives, and find some posts that had almost no likes or comments, and to introduce them to a new and larger readership. Many of them are about films, and I make no excuses for that, as I love films and cinema of course. But I will find some that deal with different subjects.

It also saves me sitting too long at the computer at the moment, with a painful bad back.

If anyone finds this too dull or boring, then please let me know in the comments.

America, I Thank You

Not for the first time, I have to send my thanks to my American followers and readers. Whenever I check the stats, views from America are always much higher than from anywhere else, even my home country of Britain. On most days, American readers exceed everyone else by at least 25%, sometimes more. Though the UK is always second, and Canada is often a close third. Sharing the same (almost) language helps, I know. But my appreciation is no less for that.

When it comes to comments, Britain still leads the figures, but only just. A very close second come the comments from all my American friends, followed by many from Asia, and the Indian sub-continent.

I have never been to America. I am old enough to have had some issues with US foreign policy over the years, which at one time actually stopped me ever intending to visit that country. I have protested against the Vietnam War in my teens, and raged against US interference in everywhere from Nicaragua to Grenada, Syria, and Iraq. But blogging has shown me just how diverse America is, and how so many Americans have embraced my blog posts; whether about my dog Ollie, film reviews, orΒ  photos of historical English locations.

The truth is plain to see. Without my American friends, (Cindy, Chuq, Kim, Elizabeth, Theo, Doug, John, David, Susanne, Frank, GP Cox, Lara, Jennie, Teagan, John Rieber, Rachel, and so many more) my blog would only be half of what it is today. Many of you have become very close friends, albeit online. We exchange emails, discuss personal matters away from the blog, and share thoughts and ideas that are surprisingly similar.

In old age, I have come to know Americans, in a way I never thought possible before. And through them, I have started to understand the huge size and diversity of that country. A country I will probably never visit now, for many reasons. From Old Dixie, to New England. Florida, the Pacific north-west, California, Nevada, and Arizona. There you are, my new friends.

It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Best wishes to everyone in those fifty states. May we always be friends.

4000 And Counting

When I logged on to WordPress this morning, I discovered that I now have 4004 followers. Tipping over the 4000 mark is something to be remarked upon. After all, it is not so long ago that having 100 followers seemed to be an exciting but unlikely possibility. I last posted something like this to celebrate 3000 followers, and it hasn’t taken that long for the extra 1000 to appear.

So, thank you. Thanks to all those who have followed from the start and are still here, and thanks to all of those that joined just this week too. I hope I can keep your attention for longer than a few weeks. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to follow, leave comments and likes, and to engage with the wider community of bloggers.

But. Yes, there’s a ‘BUT’.

I really don’t need any more ‘fake followers’, thanks all the same. Those real estate agents in America who can guarantee to get me a house at knock-down prices in Illinois, or Nebraska. You are wasting your time. I live in England, which you failed to notice, as you didn’t actually pay any attention to my blog. And that Australian car spares company. You keep trying, but the fact that you don’t know I don’t even live in Australia makes me really angry! Then there are all the young ladies, trying to sell make-up and fashion items through their ‘affiliation links’. I am a 66 year old man. I don’t wear make up, and I have never bought a mango-coloured mini-dress, even if it is the ‘colour of summer’. If you actually read anything on my blog, you would know that, and could spend your time more wisely.

Authors. I like to support bloggers who write books, as anyone here can tell you. But if you ‘follow’ my blog by just adding numerous links to your new book or books, you will end up being flagged as a spammer. Be warned. The list goes on, unfortunately. App Developers. Whether or not you follow my blog, I promise you one thing for sure. I will NEVER buy or download your fantastic new App. Even if I really wanted to, I wouldn’t do it, out of principle. And to all you very religious people, who seem to reside mostly in the more remote parts of America, or in Nigeria. I respect your right to believe, I really do. But if you follow my blog with one mention of doomsday, or how your god will change my life, I will just delete the notification email.

At least most of those promising to make me a millionaire in two weeks seem to have abandoned me.

On the plus side, some of the new followers are fantastic people. They read the posts, comment, engage, and seem to really get the idea what blogging is all about. I hope to see them around for many years to come, as they enrich the experience of blogging. If my remarks have upset any prospective followers, I am sorry about that. It is nice to have 4000 followers, but I would exchange that impressive number for just 100 ‘real’ ones, any day of the week.

And while I am on the subject, two reminders. If you do not link your site to your Gravatar, or if you have not posted anything that I can read and comment on, then I am unable to thank you for following. And as I already follow over 100 other blogs, I am currently unable to follow anyone back, just at the moment. So please don’t expect me to. Or ask me to.

Blogging is not Twitter, and it is certainly not Facebook.

**Update** The first four notifications of ‘likes’ I got on this post were all from companies, not bloggers. And some of them didn’t even appear on the post, for some reason. That proves my point quite nicely.

Thanks again, and as always, best wishes to you all.

Other Blogs: Some more

This is the last post (for now) recommending the blogs of others that I follow, or who follow me. I hope you have enjoyed this short series, and I know that many have found new bloggers to follow. Please check some out, perhaps read a few posts, and even follow, if you like what you see. Completing the circle is a great way to build and nourish a real blogging community. If I have missed out anyone, I apologise. I mainly promoted blogs with regular output. If you would like to be featured in a future post, then please email me. The address is on my ‘About’ page.

An Australian film fan who is also a published writer and journalist. He specialises in reviews of films, theatre productions, shows, and comedy. A good sense of humour, easy writing style, and real talent as a reviewer, Lloyd Marken always has something interesting to say.

The first blog I ever followed. Film and Cinema appreciation of an academic standard, from another Australian, James Curnow, who really knows his stuff. A pool of contributors (including me) guarantee a very different look at films, old and new.

And the second blog I followed. An Englishman transplanted to Poland. A lovely wife, and two beautiful children. Sustainable living, in a straw bale house they built themselves. Goats, dogs, and lots of snow. Soaps too, wonderful soaps. I suggest you buy them. I do. Eddy Winko (not his real name) has a varied blog. It covers everything from trying to manage his smallholding in deep snow, to how to build and use a composting toilet. Something very different, in a very good way.

Elizabeth Slaughter is a retired American teacher with a ready wit, and engaging style. Her blog is a joy to read, with memories of the ‘old days’ alongside modern life for her family. Someone who is valued as a follower, with pertinent comments, and great loyalty too. I have recently managed to follow her blog, by deleting some that hadn’t been posting for a very long time.

Daniel Scott White is a talented writer of short stories, and a published author too. He is the owner and editor editor of Longshot Island Magazine, which I am proud to say has published some of my own stories and articles. He also has his own blog, featuring clever and well constructed short stories, as well as promoting the work of other writers.

The iconic Black Taxi is one of the best known things about London. Getting to drive one is notoriously hard, with a test that can take four years or more to complete. But the drivers of those cabs end up knowing more about London than almost anyone else that lives there. (Including me!) Robert Lordan casts his experienced eye over that city; History, people and places, unusual London connections, and photos of things that he happens across too. As well as that, he has written a book about his experiences, and his blog posts are featured in top-selling magazines and journals.
View From The Mirror.

Street Photography in the gritty north-east of England. Occasional glamour shoots, admiration of tattoos, and life in the raw as he sees it. John also discusses his techniques, camera equipment, and his love for the hapless Newcastle United Football Team. Their fans are known as the ‘Toon Army’, and he is one of them.

Another blog I have followed since the beginning. Arlene is a retired banker, living in Manila, Philippines. She writes of her love of books, her lovely family, and treasured garden. Exotic and tasty food, extreme weather, and her beloved dogs. A lady who gets much from her Catholic faith, as well as her love of the Christmas season.

Another retied banker, this time in Florida, USA. Frank Scarangello is the proud father of two lovely daughters, and grandfather to CC. His life is marked by tragedy too, and he writes about that, as well as his fascinating Italian heritage, and youth on the streets of New York City. Reflections on service in the army, travels all over the world, and poignant photographs from his own extensive collection. History at an academic standard, poetry that will make your eyes moisten, and published writing that gets to the heart of life.
Just wonderful.


Sue Judd is a well-travelled photographer who loves to enter the many daily challenges for photography blogs. Sue and I have been around for much the same time, and she always manages to fascinate me with her love of decaying buildings and plants, and wonderful still life compositions. Memories of touring Europe in her sports car, family holidays in her youth, and of course the photos that have prompted me to write short stories about them.
Words Visual.

Elizabeth is an American lady, living in England. She is compiling a book about the history behind many of the unusual street names found in London. On the way, she has unearthed many detailed histories of everything from tiny back-alleys, to the biggest and best-known thoroughfares of that great city. Historical oddities, Roman London, and so much more. I know that as a Londoner I am biased, but I guarantee you will also be amazed at many of her discoveries.

The last one today, and another of the early follows from me. David Miller lives in Nevada, USA. He writes limericks, and has published novels too. His current projects include writing the lyrics for songs, and working on a two-part detective novel. A real blogging friend to me, and a lover of films, as well as the French Language and culture. His varied blog also includes photos, and tales of his impressive hikes in the wonderful desert landscape close to his home.

A longer than usual list this time, as it is the last one for a while. As and when I follow different blogs, I will be sure to recommend them to you. I hope that some of you find something to enjoy from this varied selection.

A Blogging Thank You

This is a short post, but it is just my way of saying a big ‘Thank You’, to everyone who reads, follows, comments, and ‘likes’ posts on my blog. After six years, the blog is more vibrant than ever, with a diverse readership, and some truly wonderful people following. And to those brand new followers, you are not forgotten. You are most welcome, and it is really great to see that you are discovering how to become part of this community.

I get over 100 visitors a day, and around 200 views every day too. I cannot tell you how pleased that makes me, and how much I genuinely cherish all my wonderful blogging friends, wherever in the world they may live. An extra shout goes out to everyone who follows my fiction serials and short stories. The fact that you get involved, invest in the characters, and leave such amazing comments makes my old heart glad.

I have to tell you that I am one happy blogger. What started as a random journal has become a huge part of my life. I have met so many genuine people, from countries all over the planet. And I didn’t even have to leave my small office room to do that. If I ever win the lottery, I will visit you all in person. (If you want me to, of course.) That’s a promise.

But meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy our communication, interaction, and in so many cases, real friendship. My heart goes out to you, it really does.

Best wishes as always. Pete. πŸ™‚

A Non-Tweeted Twitter Thank You.

This is by way of once again saying a big “Thank You” to everyone who regularly re-tweets the tweets of my posts on this blog. I try to keep up by ‘Liking’ your re-tweets, but never seem to have time to actually send you all a message.

So; David Prosser, Olga, Robbie, Dannie Hill, David Miller, Felicity, Thom, Teagan, and many more who are not mentioned, but no less important, I just wanted to let you know you are all very much appreciated.

I am not really that ‘up’ on Twitter. I just use it for advertising my posts, and widening the audience for the blog. But if any of you want me to follow you on Twitter, (If I do not do so already) then just add your Twitter name in the comments, and I will happily become one of your followers.

In case anyone wondered, mine is @beetleypete

As long as you are content with my lack of interaction on that platform. πŸ™‚

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.