Some Random Cheerful Photos

It’s nice to smile at a photo occasionally, and I found quite a few old images online that served the purpose.

A little girl and her loyal old dog.

He is obviously a cat lover!

She likes her reflection so much, she is kissing it.

Learning from adults how to walk along the street.

This chubby little girl is delighted with her new roller skates.

Definitely not enjoying his open-air bath!

He is starting young!

The Priest is still a man!

And she was blissfully unaware that she created a photo-opportunity.

Another boy starting young.

The girl on the right is upset not to receive his kiss.

Guarding her brother while he pees up a wall.

Pegged out on the washing line.

Indoor tobogganing using a plastic box.

She had to stand on something to reach the telephone.

Handstands and stocking tops.