Sunday Musings On A Sunny Morning

Greeted by sunshine and 20 degrees this morning. (68F) That’s cheerful, and (almost) compensated for the crows waking me up at 4:30am and it taking me ages to get back to sleep again.


Still no news about whether or not my driving licence will be renewed. Approaching four months since my application, and no reply to the medical forms I sent off recently. So I am driving around as much as I can, while I still can.


On Monday and Tuesday this week, we had the gardening company in to smarten up the back patio. The old wooden dining table had to go, as some of the wood had rotted. I broke it up to use on the log-burner next winter. We will evetually get a smaller table. The 8-seater table bought in 2011 has only been used to full effect on two occasions since, and spent most of it’s time under a cover, or being soaked by unexpected rain. One of those ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ purchases.


I’m giving UK politics and the war in Ukraine a miss this week. I expect, like me, most of you are worn out with all that this year.


Lots of news about the Queen’s 70th Jubilee celebrations. Patriotic bunting in supermarkets, ‘Platinum Jubilee’ special offers, and various sycophantic reports and celebratory concerts and events. Regular readers will know I am not in favour of a monarchy, so you can guarantee I will be showing no interest in the Jubilee whatsoever.


Ollie has been back cooling off in the river, and started to eat his dinners properly again after a few days where he seemed to be starving himself deliberately. It was a relief when he began to eat everything again.


I wish you all a happy and peaceful Sunday, wherever you happen to be.