Good Neighbour Dorothy

Another reblog of a short story from 2016. It may be of interest to new followers since then.


This is a work of fiction. A short story of just over 900 words.

Ever since she and Alan had moved to The Close, Dorothy had always tried to be a good neighbour. In the early days, she would ask Alan to help the old lady a few doors down. He would clean out her gutters to save her paying anyone to do it, or perhaps change a light bulb. When there were power cuts, she always checked on those nearby, to make sure that they had candles, something to eat, and that they weren’t cold. If they had a hospital appointment, or needed to go to the dentist, she would drive them there in her car, and every time she went to the supermarket, she happily picked up a few items for them. At election time, she would round up all the old people, and give them a lift…

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