Sunday Musings 21 Days Before Christmas

Well I have the presents I am giving Julie as the last one was delivered yesterday. Now all I have to do is get around to wrapping them, and buying her card.


Talking of Christmas Cards, this is the first time I am not posting any to family, friends, or contacts. The price of stamps is getting ridiculous, with our privatised Royal Mail paying out fortunes to greedy shareholders. On top of that, the ordinary postal workers are striking for better pay and conditions, so cards may not arrive.
(I support the postmen and women 100%!)


Yesterday, we went into Norwich to celebrate our grandson’s eighth birthday. It was held at a family-friendly restaurant that includes a huge play area for children. As well as the birthday boy and his young sister, the whole extended family was there. A happy celebration indeed.


Ollie has had another good week. No head shaking or scratching, and his skin and fur in pretty good condition. I hope he manages to avoid any medical issues until the new year, if at all. He will be 11 in February, a grand old age for his breed.


No weather moans this week, I have already posted about the leaves starting to fall.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a peaceful Sunday.


In The Eyes Of A Child

With our grandson staying here overnight, I naturally avoided the news on TV. However, he asked to watch a cartoon this morning, and while scrolling numerous channels to try to find what he wanted, I momentarily clicked on the channel BBC NEWS 24.

Of course, it was about the situation in Ukraine, and a live report from Kiev.

I flicked off more or less immediately, but he had already noticed it.

Turning to me, he said this.

“The world is going to be broken. I don’t want to live here when the world is broken, so I am going to live in Space with mummy and daddy. I like the idea of living in space, as I can float around”.

He is 7 years old.

An Overnight Visitor

For the first time since the pandemic lockdowns, our grandson is going to be staying overnight tonight. Julie has been over to collect him, and he is looking forward to his first sleepover in a long time. He is seven years old now, very inquisitive and active, and with it still raining outside, we are going to have to find things to keep him amused in the house.

Then we will take him to a local ‘family-friendly’ pub for an early dinner.

As a result, my serial episode will not be appearing today, so anyone following ‘Gabby is missing’ will have to wait until tomorrow at least. Sorry.

Gig and The Dinosaurs

(These are not my photos)

Once he started speaking, our grandson could never really manage the word ‘Granddad’. He tried a few versions, eventually settling on the name ‘Gig’, when addressing me. So that stuck, and I quite liked it too.

I rarely go out on day trips with Julie, her daughter, and the little man. However, we had him staying for the weekend, and he loves going to the Dinosaur Park more than anything else. With the prospect of good weather, we decided to take him there yesterday. It is a large place, with a selection of different areas to explore, as well as some live animals to see, and a great collection of over 100 dinosaurs, some of which move, and roar!

There are lots of play areas for small children, including this well-constructed adventure area, which ‘Gig’ had to explore too.

Like most similar attractions, it is not a cheap place to go. Despite getting our grandson in free of charge, as he is under three years old, everything else in the park attracts extra charges, and the refreshments cost a lot of money too. There is a big zip wire to go on at a price, as well as as quite a few things to add to the day out, including a cost-extra Deer Safari. We stuck with what was included in the admission price, and still managed almost four hours wandering around enjoying the attractions.

If you are ever in this area, it is a great place to take children of all ages. The water splash area is very popular, and there are animal encounters, as well as dedicated play areas for under-7 children.
Just make sure to buy cheaper tickets in advance, and take your own picnic to enjoy too.

A grandson comes to Beetley

As I posted recently, we have been happy to announce the arrival of our new grandson. He now has a name! He has been called Kayton. This is without doubt an unusual name, and almost unknown in the UK. It is more popular in America, where it is used for both genders as a first name, and is common as a surname too. He is unlikely to face any confusion in later life, with such a unique monicker.

His arrival was similar to that of a visiting film star, at least in terms of the amount of baggage required. It is amazing how someone so small can require so much attendant luggage. Within moments, our large living area was filled to the brim with the accoutrements of babyhood. Bags, bottles, wipes, nappies, more bags, clothes, blankets, large teddy bear, and more bags. Then there was a substantial bean bag for him to rest on, and a fleecy throw to keep him warm as he did so. Not that it was needed of course. Between a loving mother, and doting grandma, he was always enveloped in one set of arms or another.

Despite his tiny size, at least for now, long fingers and large feet indicate that he may well grow to be very tall. He had a good appetite, enjoying his milk, and only crying when he wanted more, or was unable to expel painful wind. He was unusually quiet for an infant, and very alert too, holding his head up well, and watching what was going on. I had a hold of course, and he seemed fairly settled in my tentative grasp. Photos were taken in abundance, including some of me holding him, and many more involving Mum and Grandma.

It was also Ollie’s first encounter with a tiny baby. He gave Kayton some careful sniffs, and looked enviously at the large stuffed bear. When the baby cried, Ollie rushed to his side, presumably to offer help, unsure how to do so. Other than that, the dog didn’t bother him at all, and spent most of his time trying to find somewhere to lie down, in the small spaces not filled with things needed for baby.

After the evening meal, we took mum and baby home, filling the car boot with bags and prams, and adjusting the unfamiliar travel seat to fit into my car. It was the first of many visits to come, and it went very well. I passed my initiation as Granddad, and met the latest addition to the family.