This Worked For Me

I finally managed to get one of the many tips to work. One issue was that I have ‘Two-Stage Verification’ on my Account Settings. Once I worked out how to get into that, I used this easy tip, and now have access to the Classic Editor every time.

Remember to ‘Save Settings’ though.

Click to access how-to-return-to-the-wp-admin-navigation-sidebar-3.pdf

If you can’t read that on screen, here’s a link to the original post.

I don’t know how long WP will let that loophole exist, but if you are unhappy with the Block Editor, this will work.

For Fans of Biographies/Autobiographies

Another book promotion featuring Stevie Turner. This time the genre is Biographies. Check out her link!

Stevie Turner

One of my favourite reading genres is Biographies. I enjoy reading true stories about other people’s lives whether as an autobiography, biography or memoir.

To this end I decided to run a BookFunnel promotion just for the aforementioned genres, which runs throughout February. You can find all the books that have been added to it by clicking on the link below:

I have added a FREE SAMPLE of my own memoir ‘Waiting in the Wings’ to the promotion.

At the grand old age of 92, my mother Dot suddenly starts telling me that she loves me. I am quite dumbstruck at these outbursts of emotion, as she has never mentioned the fact before in all of my 58 years. Over the entire course of my lifetime we have often argued bitterly, and have never really seen eye-to-eye over anything. I squirm with the inner knowledge that she…

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Not A Bot!

Two days ago, I posted about an unusual spike in the views of one post on here.

I thought that the large number of views, currently up to 190, must have been caused by a ‘bot’. That was because there were no ‘Likes’ or additional comments on the post, so a natural assumption made by most bloggers, I suppose.

However, I have now received a comment containing the answer to this small mystery.

APRIL 25, 2020 AT 5:46 AM EDIT
Dereham memories Facebook page had posted a link to it… Thats how I just got here….

It was a Facebook link, not a bot!

I am not on Facebook, so had no idea it was linked to that group.

The good news is that it was actually people looking at the post!