Kiddie Funfair: Mablethorpe

At the end of the season, there were few takers for these gentle rides at the rather sad-looking funfair.

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These attractions have changed very little since I enjoyed them as a child in the 1950s. Only the paintwork is different.
(And the cost per ride of course)

I have warm nostalgia for British seaside towns, and don’t mind at all that some are unchanged.

Queen’s Park: Mablethorpe

On the recent holiday to Lincolnshire, we walked just over three miles to the nearby town of Mablethorpe. This rather down-market seaside resort is still very popular, and as well as a busy beach, it has an old fashioned park with a boating lake.

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The swan boats were all stored in the centre, as there was no boating going on, presumably because of Covid-19.

Someone was working on the red boats that day.

Lincolnshire: A walk to Mablethorpe

Walking along the the promenade to Mablethorpe on Tuesday, the clouds were mainly over the sea. If you enlarge the photo, you can see just a small section of the enormous offshore wind-farm in the distance.

All photos can be enlarged for detail, and look better that way.

Halfway there, we stopped for a coffee at a beach cafe. They were still trying to sell these beach windmills, despite a distinct absence of any children.

And there were no takers for these foam boards at £9.99 either.

Ollie was sitting by the table, and spotted another dog in the distance.

More to come soon.