MYTHAXIS: A new concept online magazine

From Daniel Scott White, publisher of Longshot Island, Unreal, and Unfit, comes a new Fantasy Magazine project, Mythaxis.

This offers an exciting opportunity to bloggers and writers (including published authors) in the Fantasy genre. Daniel is looking for submissions to be included, and this explains how it works.

We want stories that are well written, intelligent, and enjoyable to read. We are looking for stories with metaphors and emotional ambiance and imaginative descriptive writing.

Getting Published Online

Submit your story using the form below. Just copy and paste it from your file into the content box in the form, where it says “Post Content”.

For your story to be published online, you must have a book that you’re selling. Include the link to your book in the form, where it says “Your URL”.

In exchange for your story, we’ll promote your book on this site (and elsewhere: newsletter, social media, etc.).

Sign up for the newsletter while you’re here.

Getting Published in Digital Format

In exchange for your story in the digital publication of the magazine, we’ll buy you any book you want from the catalog of books submitted by authors on the site. You pick a book being promoted and we’ll do the rest, including paying for shipping.

After you finish the submission form, we will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond unless a story is accepted for publication. If you have not heard from us in thirty days, assume your work didn’t fit with what we needed at the time. We don’t promise that all stories put online will make it into the digital publication.

For best results, send your story to as many publications as possible. Just remember, “Simultaneous submissions are your friend.”

We wish you the best in your endeavors as an author.


The Boss (and a few other clowns)

Submission Guidelines
Fiction: 500 to 15,000 words.

Genre: Primarily magic, myth and chaos.

Pay: For online publication, we’ll promote your book. For digital publication, we’ll buy you a book.

Terms: We don’t charge for submissions. Reprints are welcome. Simultaneous submissions are most certainly welcome. Multiple submissions are not welcome. (If you don’t hear anything, wait 30 days before trying again. Thanks!)

Rights: We are looking for one time non-exclusive rights.

Here are some direct links.


Home Page.


About Mythaxis.


Sample Stories.

Follow Mythaxis on Twitter.

Check out mythaxis (@mythaxis):

This is a real opportunity to get your work published online, from a reputable company that works hard to support new writers and bloggers.

Unreal Magazine

I am pleased to announce the release of Vol. 1 of Unreal Magazine, a new publication from Longshot Press. Regular readers will know that I have had stories and articles published in another of their magazines, Longshot Island. Here is what they have to say about Unreal Magazine.

These stories don’t have an agenda. They aren’t preachy. They are just fun to read.

So let go. Get unreal for a moment.

Meanwhile, these stories might just enlighten you in ways only a fable can pull off.
Stories by Martha Wells, Tais Teng, Emily Devenport, Yoon Ha Lee, and more.

Here is a link to the magazine website, where you can read more, and buy a copy too.

If any of you would like to submit a story to the magazine, here is an easy link to do just that.

Please share the news about this exciting new short-story venture, and feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.
My email address is on my ‘About’ page.

Science Fiction Fans: Please Read

I have received some information about magazines that contain great stories for fans of the Science Fiction genre. I am pleased to note that one of those featured is Unfit Magazine, from the publishers of Longshot Island. Please check out the links if you are interested.

Eight Times the Gift of Science Fiction

Here are 8 places to find great science fiction short stories. The list is divided between 4 magazines (1-4) with a more traditional lineup of authors and 4 magazines (5-8) that typically showcase younger authors. All the magazines listed here have both, making any of them a great choice as a gift for someone who wants a little of everything.

1. Galaxy’s Edge – This magazine starts with “The Editor’s Word” and believe me, Mike Resnick’s got something interesting to say each time. Although this is a newer magazine, it tends to be graced with stories by older, traditional writers, such as Robert A. Heinlein. You’ll also see Gardner Dozois who worked as an editor for Asimov’s Science Fiction (below). This magazine has wide respect among the science fiction heavy-weights.

2. Analog Science Fiction and Fact – Everybody loves Analog. This magazine began as Astounding Stories of Super-Science in 1930. John W. Campbell took over the magazine in 1937. It grew out of ‘the golden age of science fiction’. The name was changed to Analog Science Fiction and Fact in 1960. In 1972 Ben Bova took over and today it is run by Stanley Schmidt.

3. Asimov’s Science Fiction – What better name for a magazine than the man himself, Isaac Asimov, one of the ‘big three’ authors of science fiction, one of the originals from the golden days. This magazine began in 1977, and like Analog, is owned by Penny Publications, which handles over 80 magazines. Sheila Williams is the magazine’s current editor. The long list of established writers found within these pages includes: William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R.R. Martin, and of course, Isaac Asimov.

4. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – Critics claim the quality of the magazine has remained consistent throughout the decades. This magazine was started in 1949 as The Magazine of Fantasy. Gordon Van Gelder took over the magazine in 1997. Today it is run by Charles C. Finlay. Along with Analog and Asimov’s, it’s one of the ‘big three’ magazines to watch out for.

5. ClarkesWorld Magazine – This magazine comes straight out of the realm of the newer digital publications. It tends to publish younger writers while working with industry superweights such as Gardner Dozois (above). The number of awards this magazine has collected is impressive for such a short run. The magazine began in 2006, is overseen by Neil Clarke, and is named in reference to him. Breaking with the traditional format, the magazine showcases stories in full on the website and offers digital copies at a reasonable price. Annual collections of the stories appear in print.

6. Unfit Magazine – This magazine has the attraction of a newer publication aimed at a younger crowd while still giving a strong nod to traditional authors. You’ll find both Robert Silverberg and Ken Liu on the pages. SFRevu calls it “a promising new magazine”. The editor is Daniel Scott White.

7. Apex Magazine – The covers are fantastic. This magazine began as Apex Digest in 2005 by Jason Sizemore. In 2008 the name changed to Apex Magazine. Inside, you’ll find something new and something old. Past authors include Neil Gaiman, Ben Bova, and William F. Nolan.

8. Lightspeed Magazine – This magazine began in 2010 with John Joseph Adams working as the editor. The next year, Adams bought the magazine. It’s a balance of original stories and reprints. Adams is known as the “the reigning king of the anthology world” after publishing an impressive run of short story collections including authors such as Stephen King and George R.R. Martin. Adams worked as an assistant editor for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (above) prior to purchasing Lightspeed.

Free Book: Update

I recently posted about a free book version of Longshot Island Magazine.

I promised to update you when it was available on Amazon, as well as Smashwords. Daniel has informed me that Amazon refused to allow him to give this away on their site, but it is available there at the incredibly cheap price of $1.50 (£1.17).

Here is a link, and remember, it is still free from Smashwords, with a link in the original post.

A Free Book! (And I am in it)

Most regular readers will know that I have had short stories and non-fiction articles published in Longshot Island Magazine.

I happy happy to be able to tell you that one issue is now available as a free e-book, available to download from Smashwords, and also from Amazon soon.
Here is a link to your no-catches, completely free of charge, book of short stories and articles. And as the post title says, one of my pieces is in this issue. 🙂

My Article In Print (Again)

I am once again delighted to have had an article published in the latest edition of Longshot Island magazine. As you can see from the cover, the theme this time is ‘Humour’, and there are some delightful illustrations to accompany the stories and features inside.

You will notice that I am credited as the ‘Style’ contributor, and this irony is intentional, I assure you. My own article this time is a re-working of ‘My New Fluffy Gown’, which some of you will remember from this blog.

I sincerely apologise for the shameless self-promotion, but I am obviously very pleased to be in print once more. Please check out the magazine online, and if you like it, buy a copy! (I don’t get royalties) You may also want to consider submitting your own story or feature for possible publication, and links follow.

The photos can both be enlarged for detail. Sorry the second one is a bit wonky!

In print, again!

I am very pleased to announce that I have once again had an article accepted for publication in the latest edition of Longshot Island magazine. It is a non-fiction piece about architecture, and is on page fifty. As well as that, the new edition features some outstanding short stories, and offers so much more, including great value classified advertising for your latest book, website, or services.

The magazine is available as a print copy, or a download. Anyone interested can also get a $1 discount on the price via this blog, using the code 1$FORYOU If you would like to know more about this magazine, perhaps even send one of your own submissions for consideration, please follow the links below.

Best wishes to all, Pete.