Foreign Wars

Just a short post, about a subject so huge, I could write about it until Doomsday. It is prompted by our recent decision (as a Country) to assist the French intervention in the civil war in Mali. I am old enough to remember when the USA sent ‘advisors’, and ‘trainers’ to South Vietnam, to help their struggling army against the Communist North. We all know how that turned out, I think.

First, we went into Iraq, for reasons so spurious, they later prompted an Inquiry, and even some arrests for perjury. Next, it was Afghanistan, once we found out that they were the people we really needed to have a crack at. After that, despite a huge commitment remaining in that Country, we went to help Libyan rebels. It wasn’t about the oil though, honest. Since then, we have been ‘assisting’ the Syrian rebels, against the Assad government, and now we have our eyes on Mali. I looked it up. No oil, but the third largest gold producer in Africa. That might be a clue.

We have been told that we need to cut back our Armed Forces by tens of thousands over the next few years. The total strength of all of them is now at one of its lowest numbers in modern history. We are barely able to defend these islands from attack, in the event of a conventional war. The economy faces a triple-dip recession. All of this, we are told, is true. If so, what the hell are we doing getting involved in more Foreign Wars? What started out as 40 trainers, is multiplying rapidly, as fast as dividing cells in a tumour.

When will we, as a Country, realise that we are only a bit-player on the World stage these days. The Empire is long gone, and nobody is scared of the British anymore.