The Nesting Tree

When I first started walking Ollie ten years ago, I spotted this tree across the river, on Hoe Rough. I could see many nests in the branches, of varying sizes.

(You can enlarge the photos on Flickr. Click on them to be taken there.)


In all this time, I have never seen a bird on any of the nests, and despite some storms and gales, few if any have fallen off the tree.

**Update** Thanks to Henry, (see his comment below) I have discovered that these are not nests at all, but a fungal plant parasite that causes what is known as ‘Witches Broom’. I found a photo of this online.

Similar to my own close-up photo today.


It felt suitably Spring-like today. Blossom was out.


Daffodils standing proud on the riverbank.


I may have to change my plans this week. The weather forcast for Wednesday has changed to the chance of heavy rain. So tomorrow afternoon might be the best day to go to the Bird Park and Nature Reserve at Pensthorpe.