So Far, So Good

Well who would have thought it? New PC up and running in around thirty minutes, and thanks to Google Sync, all my usual stuff is on here automatically, just by signing in to my email.

Other stuff like disk defrag and antivirus also loaded really fast, thanks to the SSD, presumably. I still have a few bits and pieces to sort out. I have to try to find my Adobe Photoshop CD and see if I can still use it, so no new photos for a while. I am not using the Microsoft search engine or the dreadful Macafee antivirus, but everything else seems to be operating much the same as yesterday, albeit faster.

I gave my desk a good clean, and now have to sort through all the paperwork that I tend to ‘file’ under the monitor screen. Have yet to test the printer, but as that is also Hewlett-Packard, I am hoping it will recognise that. It allowed my keyboard to work, though the ‘W’ is still temperamental, so that particular glitch must be an ongoing keyboard issue.

The end result is that my mood is much improved, simply by not having any serious tech issues to contend with this morning.

All being well, my serial should continue later today, and I hope to be back in business completely by bedtime.

Update: Computer

Further to my previous post, I have managed to get my PC working. But it is definitely temperamental, and feels as if it might just die at any moment.

As a result I have ordered a new one, to be delivered next week.

Meanwhile, I will soldier on with what I can do on this one.

Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice.

A Mobile Resolution

Earlier this week, I wrote about the frustrating issues with my mobile phone. (Cellphone)

The post attracted a lot of interest and comments, as well as some much-appreciated advice.

I thought I had found a solution, when my wife gave me her old phone. It was reset to ‘Factory Reset’, and my SIM card put in. I would now have a more modern and hopefully more reliable phone, and not have to pay anything.

I should have known it was not that easy. The Android-operating device required a Google log on. But when I tried to do this, it would not recognise my password. Turns out that it has to be the original owner logging on, with their details. If we had done that, then my wife’s details would have been stored on the phone, not mine, and we had no idea what problems that might cause later.

So on Tuesday I drove to the outskirts of Norwich, to a retail park where the network provider has a dedicated shop. I was served by a very helpful man, and fortunately for me, he was over 40 years of age. He confirmed my fears about using my wife’s phone. Apparently, her details had been ‘synched’ to the phone, and it wasn’t about to let me use it. I could just let her log in, type in all my contacts, and carry on paying my regular monthly amount. But he also thought that wouldn’t work, as the phone would not let me proceed to recognising my number.

At a loss what to do next, I asked for his suggestion. Being a salesman, he naturally suggested selling me a two-year phone contract on a shiny new smartphone. He showed me some, and after my old HTC, they seemed enormous. Remember when phones were getting smaller? Now they are getting bigger again. “It’s to watch films and You Tube”, he told me. As I was resisting his sales pitch and considering going back in time to a cheap, ‘basic phone’ option, he recommended a deal that got my interest.

Choosing one of the new huge phones, he told me that he could do a deal for only £4 a month more than I am currently paying for SIM-only. Not only that, but I would get unlimited minutes to most networks and landlines, unlimited text messages, and a monthly allowance of 1GB of Internet data. That was tempting, but I told him that after the days of grief with the previous two phones, I was reluctant to even attempt to try to work out how to use an all-singing-and-dancing modern phone.

Then he said the magic words.

“But I will do all of that for you sir. Set the phone up, import your contacts, show you the basic controls. You get a gel case, as well as a solid glass screen protector. No money up front, and no increase in the basic cost of the contract for two years”.

I told him that if I could leave the shop with a working phone that had all my contacts and photos on it, and keep the same number I have had ever since getting a mobile, then he had a deal.

Forty minutes later, I was holding this.

He regaled me with its impressive specifications. Dolby stereo, three lens options on a camera that takes (ridiculously large) 48 MP photos. A 5000 amh battery that will last longer than most other phones on the market. All that tech stuff meant little to me. But it was working as promised, and had a lot to offer for only £4 a month more. It is made in China, but that doesn’t bother me in the least as so many are now, even when people don’t think they are. And now I am back on contract, any issues with this phone will be down to the network provider, not me.

All I have to do now is to work out how to use it.

Time to start watching…

Christmas is coming, and our habit is to give out a list of presents we might like to receive, so we don’t end up with unwanted gifts like soap sets, or decorative items we have no room to display. My short list this year contained one non-fiction book, and fifteen DVD films that I would like to own. I already knew that I would be getting a new pair of my favourite sheepskin bootee slippers, so didn’t bother to include them on the list.

Thinking about the DVD films to add to my list, I generally only consider the cheaper ones, not the expensive brand new releases, or Blu-Ray editions. It seems presumptuous to request an expensive version of something that can be bought for half the price, or reduced significantly once the festive season has passed. As small parcels began to arrive, it soon became obvious that Julie has bought more than a few of the films on my list. And if she has passed on the others from the list to relatives, I might be lucky to get lots of new films to watch.

This morning, I had to get something from a shelf in my small office. I noticed the top shelf, which contains DVD films that I have yet to watch. Some of these are still wrapped in cellophane, and some are used copies, bought for next-to-nothing on Amazon Marketplace. The films are stacked two deep, with others on top of them, sideways on. I had a look through them, and was quite frankly startled to discover that there are over forty films I have yet to watch. Many were presents from last Christmas, and my birthday in March. Some date back to Christmas 2016.

I watch a fair bit of TV. I also watch films on TV. Since acquiring a streaming device, I have watched a lot of foreign serials on that, generally one episode after the other, until I have seen them all. But I obviously don’t watch nearly enough films on DVD.
I will have to set aside some time in 2019, and get watching.