Comments Changes On WordPress

Since posting recently about not being able to leave comments on blogs I follow, I have managed to cure that problem by using the Reader to comment on posts where that was happening.

However, there seems to be something else happening with WP, double comments.

When someone comments on my blog posts, I get an email notification. That’s as it has always been. But now when they reply to my reply, I get two emails containing that reply. One is notified as a reply to my comment, the second one notified as a ‘new comment’ on my blog post.

To add to that, I am also getting notifications about my own comments, as if it is not my blog. “Beetleypete has left a comment”.

This has trebled the amount of emails I receive in the space of two weeks, as sometimes there will be six email notifications about one comment and a reply.

Has anyone else noticed this development, or is it just affecting me?

New Followers: Thanks And Apologies

This is by way of information to all the people who have recently followed my blog.

I no longer get notification of new followers by email, only in the sidebar. Then the sidebar does not allow me to comment about that at the moment. I usually visit the blog of anyone who follows mine, and leave a comment thanking them. Due to recent glitches, that is no longer possible.

So if you have recently followed this blog, please be aware that it is appreciated, and you have my thanks for doing so.

Followed sites and WP glitches

Despite a thorough reset of all my settings for followed sites, I am still not getting the correct notifications from wordpress.

Just to let you know that I am not ignoring any of your recent posts, but I now have to search for them by going to your sites directly, or hoping that they appear on the Reader.

I had hoped that WP would have sorted out all these glitches by now, but they seem to have put me into some sort of naughty box, where nothing is as it was.

I will do my best to keep up with all your latest posts, but bear with me if I seem to have disappeared.

Posts and comments: More glitches

Sorry to keep on about this, but I wanted to let you know what’s going on.

It seems that I am not receiving email notifications of some posts. I will have to search each followed site for new posts, and approach it from that direction.

My comments on some sites are now appearing, but not on all of them. (Lolawi for example) So please continue to check your spam folders to see if they are there. The faster you are able to approve my comments, the more likely I am to be ‘released’ by the wordpress police.

In the meantime, if you see a ‘like’ from me on one of your posts, then there will almost certainly be a comment hiding somewhere.

Frustratedly yours, Pete.