Sunday Musings At The End Of October

The weather continues to act strangely in Eastern England. It has been unusually warm, reaching 22C on Saturday, despite cloudy skies. My shorts have been on since last weekend, and it seems as if Autumn is on hold for now. Maybe we will go straight into Winter?

The clocks went back one hour last night, so as usual I woke up far too early. When I realised that 7:30 was actually 6:30, I went back to bed. But I could not get back off to sleep, so it is going to feel like a long day today.


Ollie’s ear infection cleared up remarkably quickly with the new treatment, and he was back to his old self in just over three days. It is always a relief to see our canine companion pain-free, and undisturbed by any medical issues.


It is Halloween on Monday, but as usual I will not be celebrating it. I have no connection with this increasingly commercial imported festival of begging for sweets, and I am content to be very grumpy about it. As we do not leave out a pumpkin or show an outside light on the day, we will not be bothered by any ‘trick or treaters’. But for some reason, they have now decided to add fireworks to the event, so I hope that the many pets around here are not subjected to an evening of terror from the noise.


My fiction serial concludes today, with the 30th episode. I am not sure when to start the next one, so will be consulting my notebook to decide which theme to expand upon.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I wish you a happy and peaceful Sunday. And if you are enjoying dry weather, make the most of it.
It is raining in Beetley today.