Free Book Promotion – 17th – 21st March

A free book from writer and blogger Stevie Turner. FREE! Check out the link on her post and get your copy of her latest novel! You have until the 21st of this month.
(Please don’t forget to leave a review once you have read it.)

Stevie Turner

I’m currently driving to the Isle of Wight this morning, but just before I left I took part in a free book promotion on BookFunnel. The consequence of this is that my ‘enemies-to-lovers‘ romance ‘Falling‘ will be FREE on Amazon from today until the 21st March.

Falling‘ made the finals of the 2022 Page Turner Writing Award.

Here’s Phil Huston’s rather delightful review:

Last summer I started reading waaaaay out of my usual Reading For Entertainment sphere. Falling was the jumping off point.

4.5 Stars Is it my kind of book? Not really. Is it ambitious and well executed? Yes.

First off, this is a long book. Back in the 80s it would have been in the Jackie Collins Sweeping Saga category. However, unlike Collins, this is an Epic Character Study, not an excuse for the what-a-web-we-weave with sexual indiscretions across multiple generations.


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It’s That Time Again: Guest Posts

Back from holiday, and nothing in drafts, so I am once again offering guest posts to anyone who follows this blog. It doesn’t matter if you follow me on WordPress, by email, or on Twitter, I am happy to consider a guest post from you. And if you have had one here before, that doesn’t matter either.


Under 2,000 words.
On any subject.
Images to be reduced in size to save space on my blog.
Nothing too ‘controversial’.
Nothing religious.
Nothing about the British Royal Family.

Please DO NOT send the guest post as an MS WORD document. I do not have MS WORD, so that is a pain.
(I say this every time, but people STILL do it!

Send your guest post as an EMAIL to,
Attach any images you want to feature.
I will not alter or correct your guest post in any way, so check it before you send it. (Please)
If I decide to publish it on my blog, I will inform you by email.

Please reply to any comments on your guest post, even if I have already left a reply.

Over to you!

Reblog Blogger

You might have noticed that I have reblogged a couple of posts today. While I seem to be languishing in a ‘blogging downtime’ where my own posts are concerned, I thought I might as well do something useful, and reblog posts from some of the people I follow. Think of me as a ‘Reblog Blogger’ for now.

So with that in mind, if you would like me to reblog something, please add a link below in the comments.

Not too many photos though please, (it counts to my allowance) and you already have to be following this blog.

Best wishes to all, Pete.

New Year, Old Offer

2022 is upon us, and it is once again time for me to offer to host guest posts. Whether you are a regular follower, or a brand new one, as long as you follow my blog or follow me on Twitter, you can have a guest post here on my blog.

It can be about anything you want, and doesn’t have to be original. You can recycle one of your favourite posts if you wish, or perhaps just introduce yourself to this wonderful community on WordPress. It can be poetry, a short story, something about your life, or even why you decided to become a blogger.

There are a few ‘rules’, but they are easy ones.

*Feel free to promote a book or project, but NO selling goods or services.

*The post should be under 2,000 words, and any images should be reduced in size.

*I do not correct or edit any guest posts, so make sure they are exactly as you want them to be seen before sending them to me.

*Send me the guest post AS AN EMAIL- NOT A MS WORD DOCUMENT- to

*Posts will be shared on Twitter, and usually appear on my blog within 24 hours. They are never deleted by me, so will remain here as long as I am blogging.
(As in as long as I am alive)

There is no deadline or time limit on this offer, but to get 2022 off to a positive start, why not send me one before the end of the month?

Guest Posts: Another Offer

Before I start the next serial, I have the time and space to once again offer guest posts.

It is very easy, just check out these simple conditions.

*You must have your own blog.
*You must be following this blog, or the blog of someone I know.
*The post can be about anything, but should be no longer than 2,000 words.
*If you have had a guest post before, you can have another one!
*Posts should be sent as an Email, NOT a Word Document, to
*Any images you want to use should be able to be right clicked and ‘saved as’ so I can add them to the image library.
*I will not alter or correct any text, so please check your post before sending.
*I have the final say on whether or not to post it.

I am happy to promote your books or projects, but NOT products or services.
So all of you who quickly follow my blog then send me a guest post about your company need not bother. You know who you are.

Looking forward to receiving them!

Blog Features, Guest Posts, and Promotions

As regular readers know, I have been ‘easing off’ posting too many things on my blog recently. Although my daily serial is still published, I try to cut back on other posts.

This could be good news for the rest of you, as I now have more time for guest posts, book promotions, and blog features.

If you are a blogger in this community and have a book to promote, let me know.

If you are a new blogger who follows me and want to submit a guest post to potentially increase your audience, then let me know.

If you would like your blog to be featured here so that more readers get to know about you, let me know.

Send an email to me at, and I will reply with the basic ‘rules’.

(If you have been featured here previously, that is not an issue. You can be featured again.)

**Companies and Sellers/Marketeers/SEO etc, please note. YOU WILL NOT QUALIFY!**

Guests Posts: Another Try

The last time I offered to host guest posts on this blog, the response was rather lukewarm.

Not downhearted, I have decided to make that offer once again, whether to new bloggers, experienced bloggers, and anyone who has previously had a guest post on here. It is not time-limited, so if you want to write something specifically for the guest post, you can send it at leisure.

I will advise you of the ‘rules’ once again.

1) You must be an existing follower of my blog, or follow me on Twitter. @beetleypete
2) Feel free to promote one of your books. But NO SELLING of products please.
3) Post to be under 3,000 words, preferably less than 2,000.
4) Any images or photos to be small files only.
5) No bad language or blatant racist and sexual references. This is a family blog.
6) No religion please.

*If you do not want your real name used on the post, please make this clear to me*

Your post will not be edited or corrected by me, so please check it before sending.

All posts will be left on my blog permanently, and shared on Twitter the day of publication.

Please add a short bio, and a photo of yourself if you want one shown.
(Up to you)

The post can be about anything you choose. There is no ‘theme’.

Please send the text AS AN EMAIL (not a Word Document) to
Please send any images separately, to the same email address.
If you are promoting a book, please add full buying links, as well as a photo of the cover.

When the post has been accepted, I will send you a link to it, and would expect you to engage with any comments received. If for any reason I do not accept the post, I will email you with my reasons why.

Over to you!

Guest Posts: A Pandemic Christmas

Christmas is going to be very different for most people in 2020. Whatever you do to celebrate it, it will undeniably be an unforgettable year.

So I am offering the chance for people to send me a guest post about their own ‘Pandemic Christmas’. If you do not celebrate the religious aspects of the season, don’t worry. You can send a post about your ‘Pandemic December’ instead.

This offer is open to anyone, with the following conditions attached.
(Your post will not be edited, spell-checked, or altered in any way.)

1) You must already follow this blog, my other blog, or follow me on Twitter.

2) Under 3,000 words please.

3) Images or photos to be fairly small files, and sent separately.

If you would like my 6,992 followers to be able to read your post, and have it shared on Twitter too, then please send your Guest Post to me as an email to

Send images or photos to the same email address, but on a different email. Please DO NOT send MS Word or PDF documents as attachments.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

Reblogs and Featured Bloggers

I have now completed all the posts in the above series that were sent to me by email.

If anyone would still like me to feature their blog or book here, or to reblog one of their posts, the offer is still open.

Please contact me by email at

You have to either be a follower of this blog, or follow me on Twitter.
Twitter name is Pete Johnson @beetleypete

A Reblog Offer!

Now I have posted the last one in my ‘Blogger’s Books feature, I have another free and genuine offer for everyone, in the hope of continuing to support our blogging community.

Do you have a favourite post that you wish more people could see?

How about a post that you really like, but has never had many views?

Is there a lonely and neglected post on your blog that not a single person has read?

If so, or for any other reason, I will reblog your post for you on

It will also be shared on Twitter, and have the potential to be seen by my 6,000+ blog followers.

Whether you want to kickstart your blog, feature a favourite, or just get your name out there, then I will reblog on here, and see what happens.

(As usual, you have to be a follower of this blog, or follow me on Twitter. No sales, advertising, or merchandising posts will be allowed, but I am happy if you want to promote a book you have published. Make sure you have a reblog button on your site that I can use, and send me the full link to your post at
All posts will be checked by me before being reblogged, but will not be edited.)