Some Strange Old Photos

I spend a lot of time looking for photos online. Sometimes, I find some that make me wonder why they were ever taken. Here are some that seem very strange to me.

Riding an Ostrich. I didn’t even know you could do that.

Standing on a stuffed alligator. That has to be a ‘Why’?

Small boy smoking a cigarette next to his pet chicken. Strange indeed, and just wrong.

Wearing a face mask that holds ice cubes. I presume there must be some purpose to that.

Balancing tea cups on her ample bosom. Is ‘T’ a cup size in bras, I wonder?

Lots of women dressed as mermaids. A still from an old film perhaps?

A stuffed cat dressed as a child and carrying a small mouse toy. Horrible!

Celebrating becoming engaged to be married, with the man dressed in his Diving Suit. Surreal!

Siamese twin ladies with one smooching with her boyfriend. Not very pleasant for her sister!

Old Photos: Pete through the ages

I found some very old photo albums today. Unfortunately, they were of the ‘sticky’ pages type, so it took some careful peeling to get the photos off the backing. I then took digital photos of the prints.

(All the photos can be enlarged, by clicking on them)

My baby photo. 1952

A blurry shot of me as a toddler, in my grandparent’s back yard. 1954.
Spot the almost-white curly hair!

Suited up at a family wedding, aged fifteen. 1967.

With my first wife, Sally. We were both twenty-seven. 1979.

I will be doing more posts of old photos, as and when I discover them.