Bloggin’ J.C. (3)

So I was heading for Jerusalem one Sunday. That was a big ville at the time, the biggest, and I reckoned I could do some heavy influencing, and get a lot more followers. I sent a couple of my crew ahead to get a donkey for me to ride in on. Let’s face it, a big warhorse or a chariot would have got me a bad rep.

Well I gotta tell ya, they came back with the scrawniest-looking donkey I had ever seen. When I sat on the thing, I had to lift my legs up to stop my sandals scraping on the dirt. That old donkey walked so slow, it was like we were standing still. But as I went through the city gates, the crowd were pleased to see me on such a humble ride, just as I guessed they would be.

In fact they were so pleased to see me, they threw palm fronds in my path. I was worried that my sad little steed might slip on one, but he got me through. After some speechifying, I was getting kinda hungry. I told the guys to rustle up some grub, and gave a nod to the worn-out donkey, accompanied by a knowing wink.

They got the message, and we were soon eating a tasty meat stew with some nice flatbread to wipe up the gravy.

It may not have been much of nag to ride on, but that donkey sure made good eating.

Back soon. Peace and love y’all.