Pensthorpe: Part Two

These are the rest of the photos I am posting from my visit to Pensthorpe last Friday.

(All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, which will take you to a Flickr link.)

A pair of Swans with a huge area all to themselves.


A quiet spot to sit.


This sleeping duck was well-camouflaged.


Birds squabbling over the best dry spot in the lake.


A water feature and some nice daffodils.


Canada Geese running away from me, honking their displeasure.


Two other geese nearby, not at all concerned by my presence.


This idyllic spot didn’t have a single bird choosing to use it.


That’s all for this visit to Pensthorpe, but I am sure I will go back again one day.

Pensthorpe: Part One

Continuing my birthday treats, Julie took me to Pensthorpe Waterfowl Reserve and Nature Park yesterday. It is close to Fakenham, so an easy drive from Beetley.



(All photos are posted on Flickr, you can click on them to enlarge each one.)


Early in the season, there were not that many birds. The enclosure for the Flamingos and Cranes was also closed, because of the risk of Bird Flu in the county at the moment. But the large park is a haven of peace and quiet, and beautifully maintained by the friendly staff.

Sleepy swans, mid afternoon, woken by a dipping Coot.

This Goose let me get quite close, but I used the zoom so as not to frighten it.

This Swan had a reed-fringed pool all to itself.

The all-weather observation area. There are also numerous ‘hides’ located around the grounds, for dedicated bird-watchers.

The central lake is vast, and the River Wensum also runs through the park.

This is called the ‘Monet-Inspired Bridge’.

Julie crossing the bridge.

More photos from Pensthorpe to come soon.

Something Positive

After my ‘Mister Grumpy’ moan about my driving licence this morning, we finally got to go to Pensthorpe Bird Park this afternoon, in lovely weather. I had my shorts on, as it was 16C, and a beautiful afternoon.


This predominantly waterfowl park is set in idyllic wetlands near the Norfolk town of Fakenham. It is a mecca for bird-watchers, who travel from all over England to see the ducks and geese.

Despite the fact that it was early in the season, and the Flamingo and Cranes enclosure was closed because of Avian Flu, we spent a leisurely couple of hours wandering around, followed by some delicious cakes and tea in the cafe, before the park closed at 4:30 pm. Ollie could not come with us, as dogs are not allowed, but he wasn’t left alone for long.

I took quite a lot of photos, and they will follow in some posts to come.

Suffice to say it calmed me down considerably.