The Idiot List

This is the last of this week’s posts about non-followers, and people who like posts or follow blogs without even reading what is written in them. Since publishing a very sarcastic short post about this very thing, the marketers have been arriving thick and fast. If nothing else, it proves that they read nothing, and just follow key words. As far as I am concerned, they are just idiots; wasting their time, and the time of anyone who actually thinks they might be genuine blog followers. Even as I type this, they are still arriving in my inbox, so I could never list them all. But remembering the title of my previous post, this stream of people with nothing better to do with their time is still pouring in.

There are no links here, as you have no need to find out who they are, or view their sites. I have done that for you. But take a quick look at this list of names, and if you are ever pleased to find them as a new follower, don’t be.

Just delete anything they send you.

Wealthy Affiliates For Free
Kevin J. P. Ebsworth
Antonio Ortegaen
David Alan Barnes
The Lazy Mans Profits
Viewbiz Marketing
Digital Lifestyle
Best Web Profit
Gold Investing Affiliate
Digital Tools 4U
Your Path To Wealth
Smart Affiliate Secrets
Ivanlor 65
Zoe Winnike
dpapa 187
Zoran Simovic

And many more…