Winston: Jennie’s Idea

Many of you kindly left very nice comments on the recent blog post, Winston’s Last Walk. His owner Michele contacted me by email to let me know how much she liked the post, and how she was touched by the comments from bloggers all over the world who never even knew Winston.

American blogger Jennie Fitzkee had an idea, and suggested it to me in a comment on the post.

‘You know what might be a wonderful thing? A card shower for Michele. I am already excited! Just tell us bloggers who remembered Winston to send Michele a card, via you. Can you imagine her joy when you deliver a handful of cards? I will send one this weekend, if that is okay.’

If anyone would like to do the same thing as Jennie, and send a card of some kind to Michele care of my address, please feel free to do so.
I have no doubt that she will be incredibly moved by that.

Michele Smith
C/O Pete Johnson
29, Beech Road
Norfolk NR20 4EZ

My thanks again to everyone for their kindness.
Here is a reminder of that post.

Picture Postcards from bloggers

Just to let you know that these are still arriving!

Thanks to Elizabeth, Cindy, Pit, Pauline Y, Theo, and Abbi.

I will be getting round to two new posts soon, and will be featuring all of your cards.

If you haven’t sent one yet, feel free to do so. They will always be featured on this blog.

This was the first to showcase them, and the next post will be Part Five!

Arriving! Picture Postcards

You may remember that I recently published a nostalgic post about the picture postcards that used to be sent from holiday destinations.
If not, here’s a link.

I added my address to the post, so that people could send me one, if they wished to do so.

***Please note***
I know, it is almost unheard of to publish your home address online. I don’t recommend doing that, and I am not suggesting you follow suit, especially if you are a young female, a woman alone, or a vulnerable person of any gender. But I live in a small village, and have a very unusual dog.
I can be found very easily.

I am delighted to report that I received my first card on Saturday morning, kindly sent by Paul S, a fellow blogger. He even used a first-class stamp!
Thanks, Paul!

I have been advised that I might be getting some more, and when I have them all, I will feature them on a post, photographing the front and back of each one.

So if you feel like changing your mind about sending me one by post, (mail only please, no E-cards) the address is on the link. For those of you that like to create your own cards, or use a postcard-creation app with your own photos, why not send me your own portrait selfie, or a scene you have taken a photo of? Don’t forget to add your name (or blog name) so I know who they are from. I leave the message on the card up to you.

Thanks in advance, Pete.

Post Error Apology

Sorry to everyone who tried to view the link on yesterday’s post
‘Ollie Drinking From A Muddy Field’.

It worked fine for me, so I couldn’t understand why the link didn’t appear for anyone else. I did some research just now, and discovered the reason is that it is only sent to me, and can be viewed when I am logged on to Google. Even downloading it with a different title and url won’t work, so I have deleted the post.

The blogging gift that keeps on giving

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the fact that people are reading a particular one of my posts every day. Except for one day that it escaped their attention, ‘Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai’ is keeping its lead as the daily front runner on my blog for the last two months. It has even managed to beat ‘The Driest County In England’, and ‘Dereham: A Norfolk Town’ into second and third place, respectively.

Since it was published on the 4th of September, this niche music post has been read an impressive (by my standards) 164 times, including three times today. Although many posts are read between 50 and 80 times within days of being put up on the blog, it is usual for them to drop off the viewing radar very quickly. Not so with this one, as the daily views keep trickling in, rarely less that two a day, sometimes three.

Given that I have already written about this veritable blogging phenomenon, you might expect that I have since been contacted by fans of the band, even band members themselves, to tell me why they keep reading it. That has not been the case, sadly. The silence on the subject has been deafening. But I am not in the least ungrateful, far from it. I welcome as many interested parties who want to read about that band as would like to come to this blog and read my post. I never expected such a post, on a humble blog like this one, to ever generate so much interest.

Perhaps if they (and I) had also been that interested in the later career of Jamiroquai, the group wouldn’t have fallen from grace? Just a thought.