MarySmith’sPlace #Giant pylons will ruin iconic landscape

Please help Mary and the other campaigners, by sending an email of protest to the address shown in her post. You don’t have to live in Scotland to appreciate the scenery, or to want to visit as a tourist. Let’s try to stop another unnecessary blight on the landscape that makes bigger profits for electricity suppliers!

Mary Smith's Place

From time to time on this blog I have shared some of the glorious countryside we have here in Dumfries & Galloway in South West Scotland.

Unfortunately, a huge area of this is now at risk of being ruined by Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) which has put a planning application in to the Scottish Government to erect 118 giant pylons (up to 39 metres tall) from Glenlee, near New Galloway to Tongland in the south near Kirkcudbright.

Stroan Loch, courtesy PhilMcMenemy

The route goes over or close to iconic Galloway countryside including, the Queens Way (the road from New Galloway to Newton Stewart), Raiders Road, Stroan Loch and the Otter Pool. Laurieston Forest and the Kenick Burn will also be impacted, along with an avenue of beech trees by the burn’s picnic area. The route also goes over the C13 road from Laurieston to Gatehouse of Fleet, a road…

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One For The Ladies

I grew up during the age of ‘Women’s Liberation’. Long-suffering females finally protesting their lot in life, their treatment in a male dominated society, and the interference in the natural functions of their bodies. Outspoken feminists like Germaine Greer finally got some air time to express their frustrations, and to promote their quest for equal treatment. Female workers were protesting in factories and offices about doing the same job for less pay, and with almost no opportunities for advancement.

This was the time when some women were discarding or burning their bras to make a statement.
(Note the audience of excited men watching that happen)

Women had spoken up for their rights before of course.
Like these Suffragettes campaigning for the right to vote, in 1910.

This was also a time when it was difficult to get justice for victims of Rape.
Women who wore attractive clothing, and went out for a drink with a man, were often considered to be ‘asking’ for sex.

Very soon, the words ‘Sexist’ and ‘Sexism’ were seen and heard all around the world.
Along with brave women protesting the existence of both.

More recently, body image has been protested too. Tired of seeing the ‘ideal woman’ portrayed as thin and conventionally ‘attractive’, some have taken the step of showing what many real women actually look like.
Well done to them!

Despite everything, it remains an uphill struggle to this day.
As shown by this woman’s solo protest.

And even after the discovery of DNA testing, and some changes in the laws, Rape victims are still struggling to get recognition and justice.

Keep going ladies. Many of us are on your side!