Book Promotion Offer From Me

With so many people beavering away writing and publishing books during the long period of lockdown, I thought it was about time to offer another promotional opportunity on this blog.

If you follow my blog or follow me on Twitter, and have a book to promote, you can publicise it here, completely free of charge, with no strings. I don’t even want a free copy, how about that? It will be viewed by a potentially large audience, as well as being shared on Twitter. The post will not be taken down later, so will always be on this blog.

Send me the details, including a photo of the book cover, to
Add full buying links, and a personal bio and photo if you want one to appear.
Either a synopsis or a blurb would help too of course.

You get full credit, and no editing of your promotional post. It will appear here as ‘Blogger’s Books: + your name’.

I have a great bunch of readers from all around the world, so if your book has been translated, or is in a foreign language, that doesn’t matter.

Bloggers love to read, and they like to buy books, or get free copies when available. They also review them, which is a great help to authors.

Each person sending me their book to promote will be featured separately, so no need to worry about being compared to anyone else. I don’t care what genre your book is in, but if it contains ‘Adult Content’, then please add that disclaimer. Only one book photo and one author photo per post please.

Off you go!

Blogger’s Books: Marc Sander

I am happy to promote this new book from blogger Marc Sander. Here is his introduction.

The Driveway Rules is my book of memoirs. It focuses on my struggles when it comes to dating but also has fun entries about various adventures in my life. I am introspective and have learned a lot about my struggles through the years. The point of our struggles is to use them as an opportunity for growth and perhaps to help others later in life. This book is poignant, philosophical and humorous. Next to penicillin laughter is the best medicine.

And here is a link to where you can purchase the paperback.

Free publicity for bloggers

Most days, I see comments or requests from people asking me to “Please check out my blog”.
Some bloggers, especially those new to blogging, will add links to their own blogs at the end of a comment. Obviously, they want to get more readers and followers. They might have discovered that starting a new blog is not as easy as they thought, or be disappointed that they are posting stuff that nobody is reading. In some cases, they may already have a hugely successful blog, but just want it to be even bigger. To be honest, I always edit those links out of comments, or don’t allow the comment at all. I don’t regard it as good ‘blogging manners’ to add links in that fashion. But that’s just my own view.

So I had a think, and a change of heart. We all need a chance, after all!

Here is a totally free offer. You can add a link to your blog in the comments here. The post will be left open of course, and the comments will not be closed. That makes it a long-term offer too. The blog can be about anything, in any language, but there are exceptions.

No religious blogs.
No blogs just selling stuff.
Nothing offensive, in any way shape or form.
No sexual content without the necessary warnings.
Nothing illegal.
Nothing to do with taking drugs.

I will check all the submitted links, and delete any that contravene the above conditions.
The post will be seen by all my readers and followers, also shared on Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin.

The rest is up to you.

Published Bloggers

This is an open invitation to any blogger in this small community. Do you follow my blogs, or make regular comments? Are you one of those who never fails to add a ‘Like’? If so, then I have a genuine offer for you. If you publish a book, whether a novel, or non-fiction, I will feature it on this blog, as well as Twitter, Linkedin, and Google +.

This is not a time-limited offer, and will be open to you every time you publish. Please send me a link to your book, along with any sales links, free offers, or electronic versions. Feel free to include a small bio, if you so wish. I will give your book (or series) its own post, and add all the links supplied too. Please limit photos though, so as not to use up my space allowance.

Whether you have sold lots of copies, or are still struggling to make that first sale, I think you will agree that it cannot do any harm to get more exposure, even from a relatively tiny blog like this one. I think we all need to help each other in this great community, so either post a comment with your links, or send me an email to

There is nothing in this for me, I hasten to add. No hidden agenda, no ulterior motive, just trying to help.

Please note. If you are NOT a part of this community, or you are seeking to sell a service, or product, then don’t even bother.