More Random Photos From History

Camberley Kate, (Kate Ward) and her stray dogs in England, 1962. She never turned a stray dog away, taking care of more than 600 dogs in her lifetime.

Miss America winner, 1924.

Times Square, New York City, 1945. Crowds celebrate VE Day.

The Mercury Streamliner, an Art-Deco inspired train photographed in Chicago, 1936.

Wedding rings taken from concentration camp victims, 1945.

Electric vehicles are nothing new. These are shown being charged, in 1917.

Japanese children in traditional woven raincoats, 1956.

A country general store in North Carolina, 1939.

In-flight meal service on Scandinavian Airlines, 1969.

Seaforth Highlanders and their dog. Waiting to go into action in France, 1915.

The gardener at Stonehenge mowing the grass, 1955.

A wedding photo taken in Mongolia, 1920.

Construction workers above the North Tower of The World Trade Centre, 1973.

Random Photos To Bring A Smile

This selection of feel-good photos (mostly staged for the camera) made me smile. I hope they work for you too.

A young man with his pet Owls.

Taking your dog to the hairdresser’s.

A skateboarding nun.

The fisherman’s cat lives in his beard.

This old lady is using a puppet of an old lady to feed squirrels in the park.

Police Dog Response Unit.

Using WW2 gas hoods to combat smog in Philadelphia. (1953)

Obviously a slow day at their shop.

An Edwardian-era postman takes his dog on the round to guard the mail.

A Roaring Twenties lady with her pet piglet.

This pram seen in London is designed to resemble a horse and carriage.

No dog biscuits for sale, WW2. During the war, pet food and treats became scarce because of food rationing.

Taking her duck for a walk.

Wearing masks against infectious diseases is nothing new.

A young girl and her pet sheep walking along an English High Street.

A small girl with her tiny cat.

Taking her snake for a walk.