A Covid Recap

I am now starting to think I may have seen the last of the bad bout of Covid-19 I endured recently. There are quite a few positives to report.

*I am able to sleep all night, as long as I make sure to stay propped up on extra pillows.
*The sore throat has gone, and I am able to enjoy eating and drinking once again.
*The cough is only really a bother at night, and 90% less distressing than it was a few days ago.
*There is no longer any need to take tablets or medication for congestion and other symptoms.

But I have some legacy of the virus that feels as if it is going to take some weeks or months to go away.

*I have almost no energy.
*Walking Ollie for 90 minutes leaves me completely exhausted, even after resting briefly on seats or benches during the walk.
*Trying to do anything remotely physical (I tried clearing away some fallen leaves and gave up) feels impossible.
*Despite sleeping all night, I wake up tired, and look forward to going to bed early.
*Even something as simple as having a bath and getting ready to take Ollie out leaves me drained.

Given that I had all the vaccinations and boosters, I can only imagine how much worse it might have been had I chosen not to have them.

It has been a lesson learned. Covid has not gone away, and we still have to take all available precautions against catching it. Even with the vaccinations and antibodies, it still almost sent me into hospital with breathing difficulties.

Just because I seem to have recovered so far, that doesn’t mean I can’t catch it again.

So my advice to everyone is to be very careful, and if you have symptoms like a cough and sore throat, get tested for Covid-19.

Back In The Land Of The Living

After a couple of days spent mostly in bed, I am now on the road to recovery. I starved myself yesterday, and that seems to have done the trick.

Ollie also seems to be responding to the large amount of medication I have been giving him. He ate his food late yesterday afternoon, and slept undisturbed by pain last night.

Sadly, I have not been able to keep up with any of your posts, so I am starting fresh today. Hopefully, my next serial episode will also appear at some stage.

We have some more hot weather forecast for the weekend, but nowhere near as hot as it was earlier this week. Fingers crossed we have seen the last of those exceptional temperatures for this year.

The Bird Has Flown!

This is an update on the injured pigeon that was living in my back garden, carefully tended by me with its own food and water.

After noticing the separate tray of bird seed had been untouched yesterday, I went out at lunchtime to see if I could find any evidence of the pigeon under the leylandi hedges at the back, where it has been living.

There was no sign of any bird under there, and also no dead bird, or feathers. That allayed my fears that it had been killed by a cat, as there are always feathers in abundance when they have killed a pigeon. It is highly unlikely that a fox could have taken it, as our fences are high and secure, and nothing had tried to burrow under them.

So I came to the conclusion that the pigeon’s wing had finally healed, and it had flown away for a change of scene. After all that time stuck in my garden, it must have wanted to see something different.

For everyone who was concerned about the pigeon, it is nice to bring you good news.

Ollie’s On The Mend

With my usual hesitation of not wanting to speak too soon, it would appear that Ollie is feeling much better, following his recent breathing problems.

Yesterday, he chased a pheasant around on Hoe Rough, and didn’t seem to want to go home after his walk.

He wants me to say a big Thank You to everyone who was so concerned about him, and sends tail wags from his curly tail to you all.

Ollie: An update

Well, as expected, Ollie does not have ringworm.

After some ‘moral blackmail’ from the Vet, I paid over £30 to have him tested, even though I was 100% convinced he didn’t have that.

28 days later, she rings me to confirm what I already knew. ‘Ker-ching!’

However, his fur is not growing back as quickly as I had hoped. His ‘crop-circles’ are still evident, though minus the sores he had before.

The Vet suggested it might be his age. He will be eight in February, quite old for his breed. She suggested I wait for another eight weeks, and if the regrowth is no better, bring him back.

I always care for Ollie, as you know. But I am reluctant to line the Vet’s pockets to be told it will get better in time.

So for those of you that worry about him, and I know there are many, he is doing fine. He eats his dinner, doesn’t scratch any more, and is happy to play with any dog he encounters over on his long walks.

And now I have the ‘all-clear’, he can go to the groomer in December, and have a nice wash and brush up, ready for Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who cares about Ollie, and asks after him.

He sends a curly tail wag to you all.

(This is an old photo. Ollie in the sea, just one year old)

On the mend?

I hesitate to speak too soon, but I woke up feeling a lot better today. Seeing as I had just had over ten hours of sleep, to add to the twelve hours each night over the previous few days, It was about time something started to improve. Despite being unable to shake the feeling inside, my joints are responding with a considerable improvement over the last week, and it is much easier to keep my head level, without the dull ache in my neck.

I started the day by making us some bacon sandwiches, before catching up on the last half of a TV programme I had to bail out of last night, when I staggered off to bed at 10 pm. The next job was a nice haircut, using my brand new clippers. They only arrived a few days ago, and are the latest version of a tried and tested favourite brand. I don’t have much to cut of course, (I will get that in, before you do) but always feel rejuvenated by a good number one crop. (Note to men of my age, or those of you of any age who have lost a lot of your hair. Comb-overs, comb-forwards, weedy pony-tails, or growing it long down the back; all unacceptable. It looks desperate and sad at best, ridiculous at worst. Get it cut off. Face reality.) Julie checked my efforts, and tidied up the bits I had missed. Cutting your own hair is never that easy.

Next on the list is a hot bath, followed by the removal of two days worth of stubble. Despite my hair turning white into silver, my moustache has been growing back quite dark once again. As I shave religiously every day, when I am not unwell, I hardly notice it. But facial hair is not for me, so off it will come. After that, I will be taking Ollie for a walk. Yesterday, I wasn’t well enough to do that, so Julie stepped in for me. Unfortunately, she had ‘an episode’ at the bend in the river. Deciding to entice Ollie in for a refreshing dip, she started down the bank, to stand on the gravel by the water’s edge. Almost there, her ankle gave way, and she went into the water, up to her knees. Not good for the nice sandals she had on, or for the smart linen trousers she was wearing at the time.

I will spare her another possible unexpected soaking, by resuming dog-walking duties myself.

Snapping out of it

Whatever ‘it’ is, or was…

I have been exceptionally moved by all the good words, and kind messages, after my post yesterday, that I called ‘Decided not to…’

So much so, that I have started today by resolving to snap out of it, and get back to normal, hopefully immediately. It is strange how 24 hours can provide sufficient breathing space to restore faith, and recharge determination.

I have no idea what was happening yesterday, and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t happen again, any time soon.

So, thanks again, and give yourselves a round of applause. You are a diverse lot, but obviously all good people.