More online publication

Further to my non-fiction articles being published by Mythaxis online magazine yesterday, they have also decided to publish two of my book reviews, and two film reviews too.


Here are some links to those reviews.


Peeping Tom



The Three

The Dry

Many of you will have read these before, but I would be very grateful if you could take time to click on the links, and leave a ‘Like’.
There are lots of other good reviews there too. You might enjoy them.

Photos and Fiction: A Request

My latest fiction serial is now drawing to a close. When it has finished, I am going to try to attempt more photo-prompt short stories for a while.
I have posted some previously, here is a link to give you an idea.

So my request is to any follower or reader who would like to challenge me to make up a story based on a photo of theirs. It can be a photo of anything, except a sexually explicit one, or one containing anything liable to cause offence on a general blog.

It has to be your own photo, for copyright reasons.

And the file size should be reduced, to save on my space allowance.

I will attempt to write a story based on any photo I am sent, within reason. (Abstracts might be a stretch)
If I can’t think of anything, I will feature the photo anyway, and admit defeat!

Please send me the photo as an email attachment, to
Don’t forget to include your name or blog name, so I can give you full credit, as everyone who responds will naturally be credited as the photographer.

The photo must be able to be copied and saved. If it is ‘protected’, I won’t be able to show it on the blog.

Thanks in anticipation, Pete.