Book Promotion Offer: Update

Just to let everyone know that I have had a very good response to my recent offer to promote books, or feature bloggers. I now have a list to work through, publishing one each day.

If you have sent me your own details to be featured, they will appear in time.

To anyone still thinking about responding to this, it is not time-limited, and I will feature the books of any bloggers in this community whenever they have one to promote.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me the details of their books, and best wishes to you all.

Book Promotion: The Response

I am delighted to say I have had a great response to the book promotion offer.

To those of you who have contacted me, I say “Thank You”. But please be aware that I will be publishing them in the order received, so there may be a delay until you see your promotional post on here. Though never fear, it will appear!

This is not time-limited, so if you are not quite ready yet, send me the details when you are.

Best wishes, Pete.