Short Film: “This Time Away”

My friend Antony sent me this delightful short film, starring one of Britain’s foremost actors, Tim Spall.

Set in the near future, Spall plays Nigel, a lonely and bitter widower. Retreating into a life of alcolholism, and determined to be alone, Nigel happens across a small robot that befriends him.

With a short running time of just thirteen minutes, and a delightful twist at the end, this is high-quality film-making that will leave everyone feeling better for watching it.

Navotas Cemetery: Manila, Philippines

My friend sent me this interesting documentary. In the capital of The Philippines, population growth has reached 20,000,000. Many are people from poor rural areas who have come into the city looking for work.
In a large cemetery, a shanty town has grown, populated by people living in abject poverty, among the concrete graves. As the graves can only be occupied for five years, they are broken open after that time, and the remains and bones removed. If unclaimed by any relatives, they are stacked in piles, and later burned.

Children play among the graves, and on the piles of bones and skulls. The families eat there, work there in some cases, and live their lives in conditions unknown in any western country. This high-definition film is very well-made, with a reporter who is respectful, and non judgmental. It is only 20 minutes long, and worth watching to make you appreciate how different life is for the rest of us.

A funny short film: The Gunfighter

Thanks to my long-time blogging friend, David Miller, I got to see this excellent short film yesterday. A witty satire on ‘narrated’ westerns, it gave me a much-needed chuckle, on a day of dark skies, and heavy rain.

David resides in Nevada, USA. He blogs on WordPress.
He is also a published writer, a song lyricist, and an accomplished compiler of limericks.

Time Travel: ‘Stealing Time’ (2011)

Most of you will know that I am a fan of films about time travel. It is a subject that has always fascinated me. I was sent a link to a You Tube video by a friend, a short fictional film called ‘Stealing Time’. Although only 17 minutes long, this American short is professionally made, and is presented in widescreen and high-definition too. Though the story may owe its origins to the wonderful Spanish film ‘Timecrimes’, it is very entertaining, and well worked out.

If you have 17 minutes to spare, you may very well enjoy this quirky little film. I won’t add any more details, so as not to spoil it for you.