Shorts Back On

I had only recently posted about putting away my shorts until next Spring, then the weather changed.

Today, we reached 17C here (63F) in warm sunshine, and I was pleased to note that the forecast for Monday and Tuesday is for rising temperatures, with up to 21C (70F) possible in Beetley.

So the shorts will be back on tomorrow, and for as long as it lasts.

Indian Summers are to be welcomed.

An Early End To The Shorts Season

Regular readers will no doubt remember that I wear shorts for most of the year. Shorts-wearing season traditionally begins for me in mid-March, and ends on the first of October, much later if the weather stays fair. I have been known to still be wearing shorts in November.

(Not the same pair of course, before anyone asks. πŸ™‚ )

This year was no exception, as my shorts were on by the 12th of March, and they remained my choice of attire right through the unusually hot summer, including our recent week away in early September.

But this week, the winds changed. They were coming directly from the north, from the Arctic. Overnight, the temperatures fell from 18C (64.5) to just 6C. (43)

It was a shock to feel so cold at this stage in autumn, when the usual temperature should have been at least 16C. (61) The cold gusty winds and occasional heavy showers didn’t help, so by Tuesday I was really feeling cold on the dog walk.

Yesterday, I woke up to a very ‘fresh’ morning, and a check on the predicted weather showed it was unlikley to exceed 8C (46) until the late afternoon.

There was nothing for it, I had to admit defeat. The shorts went back into their drawer in the wardrobe. Out came the warm jogging trousers, and they went on with some thick walking socks.

(No jogging was intended, that is just what they are called here.)

My season had to end three days early. But after such a hot summer, I can’t really complain.

Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Good cartoons.

No idea why, but I woke up thinking about cartoons today.

I know we now have adult cartoon shows, like ‘The Simpsons’, and ‘Family Guy’. Younger adults are also well-served by the Japanese animators, with their amazing imaginations. Kids have Disney Pixar and Nickelodeon, and the tiny ones have things like ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Paw Patrol’.

But I never see any of the old ‘good cartoons’ anymore. Ones like these.

Or the ones I grew up with.

At the cinema, cartoons always added to the enjoyment.

Many became household names, and endured for decades.

When television came along, we had cartoons to enjoy at home too.

I was happy to watch these into my late teens,and always enjoyed the antics of the familiar characters. But then longer cartoon shows took over, like the awful ‘Scooby-Doo’, ‘Hong Kong Phooey’, and many more. Pop groups like the Jackson 5 had their own cartoon show, and very soon the essence of the short cartoon seemed to have disappeared without trace.

Political correctness, merchandising of associated products, and the power of the networks put an end to the cartoons I had enjoyed for years.

Let me know what cartoons you miss, by leaving a comment.

The possibility of shorts

This February has started out exceptionally mild. Continuing the overall theme of a mild winter, here in Norfolk at least.

I am not fooled of course. We still have the rest of the month to go, and March yet to come. However, I cannot argue about the recent temperatures. Two or three days of bright sunshine, with a high of 16 C (61 F) yesterday, and a warm walk with Ollie. Sadly, it is not enough heat to dry out the lingering mud, but for once, I am not complaining.

The TV weather forecasters are getting very excited. The high temperatures are set to continue throughout this week, due to an unusual ‘bend’ in the Gulf Stream, drawing warm air from as far away as North Africa. Last night, one weather presenter was predicting a new record high for Britain in February, which should arrive by next Friday or Saturday. 18 C (64.5 F) is unknown in this country during February. If we achieve that somewhere, it will break all previous records for this month.

But more importantly, it will mean that I can start wearing my shorts again, at least one month early.
(Like the ones on the left. Not those retro things on the right. πŸ™‚ )

Hanging on to my shorts.

(Not me in any of these photos)

Regular readers may recall my love for wearing shorts. After many years spent wearing a uniform, or business attire, retirement gave me the freedom to wear shorts anytime I wanted to. That time usually lasts from March through to the end of October, before falling temperatures force me back into waterproof walking trousers, or casual joggers.

This year has been no exception. Starting with my birthday on the 16th of March, I have worn shorts every day since. There were two occasions when heavy rain made me retreat into longer leg-wear to tuck into wellington boots, and a few times when an evening meal in a restaurant necessitated the wearing of smart trousers. Otherwise, my varied selection of shorts has been put to very good use every day.

I have quite a few pairs, in various styles and colours. I can be seen in grey, tan, beige, charcoal, navy blue, and sand, although I do not own any in white. There are the longer-leg versions, some just over the knee, and a couple of pairs that just brush the kneecap. I no longer have those very short ones, once fashionable during the 1960s. Locally, I am known for wearing shorts at all times, braving nettles and brambles, shrugging off the stings and scratches.

Today is the 31st of October. For many people in the world, that signifies the celebration of Halloween. But for me, it is the day that the shorts are traditionally packed away for the winter, with me longing for the warmer weather that allows me to get them out and ready for a new season of shorts-wearing. Yesterday was very cold here, but I was still out walking with Ollie wearing shorts. Fellow dog walkers remarked on my endurance of the cold, but to be honest, I didn’t feel it on my legs. Today is grey and chilly, and doesn’t look much like improving.

But I might just do another day in shorts, and break tradition just this once.

The shorts are on

After the popularity of my posts on fluffy gowns and slippers, I thought that it was high time to share my love of wearing shorts. Today was my first day (this year) of wearing them, and it was much later than normal, for the ‘shorts season’Β to arrive in Beetley.

I generally wear shorts from my birthday in March. Once on, they are rarely off, until at least the end of October. However, the weather has not been very kind this year, so my usual time for donning shorts has been delayed, until now. I have to confess that I was pushing the boundaries, as it was not that warm. But it felt right to me, so on they went. That feeling is priceless. Cool legs, unencumbered by joggers, or normal trousers. OK, I have to be careful of nettles and prickly plants on my walks, but it is worth it, to once again experience the annual delight of shorts-wearing. My shorts tend to be of the longer-legged variety; at least knee length, sometimes a tad longer. They are always roomy, and some pairs have numerous pockets too. I am old enough to eschew fashion, and happily embrace comfort over style.

Not for me, the shorts of the fashionista. Mine are practical, a little baggy, and always a joy to wear. Today’s choice was an old favourite. A beige pair of goes-with- anything, traditional English baggy shorts. The type you might see in a WW2 photo, wide-legged, and superbly cosy. I also have some more modern shorts, slightly waterproof, easy-iron, and also knee-length, in a variety of colours. As well as beige, I have navy blue, khaki, and the ubiquitous stone colour. They all match with almost any shirt or top, and with six pairs in the wardrobe, I am ready for anything.

Whether thick cotton, or part-polyester, they are all good. They leave my legs open to the elements, available for tanning, and toughened to almost anything I might encounter. They are acceptable as evening wear in most Norfolk venues, and even if it is is a chilly evening, a warm top or fleecy jacket accompanies them perfectly.

It is almost June, and despite the occasional wearing of trousers to restaurants, or windmill volunteering, it is a safe bet that they will be on my legs until we see November. Feel free to join me in the joy of shorts-wearing. You know you want to really.