New Followers: Thanks And Apologies

This is by way of information to all the people who have recently followed my blog.

I no longer get notification of new followers by email, only in the sidebar. Then the sidebar does not allow me to comment about that at the moment. I usually visit the blog of anyone who follows mine, and leave a comment thanking them. Due to recent glitches, that is no longer possible.

So if you have recently followed this blog, please be aware that it is appreciated, and you have my thanks for doing so.

WordPress Glitches

Just to let you know, my blog has been suffering from some WP glitches this weekend.

Some followers have been appearing as ‘Anonymous’ when they have left a comment.

Using the notification sidebar to reply to comments has made those comments disappear, though my reply has appeared on the blog.

A few comments from regular readers have been found in the Spam or Trash folders.

I have been asked to approve comments from people who regularly comment, even if they do not contain links.

So if my replies are delayed, or your comment is missing, you know why.

Followed blogs: The glitch returns

I have recently published two posts about a WordPress glitch on my own blog. They concerned the sidebar section relating to ‘Blogs I follow’. After a couple of days when this showed blogs that I had never heard of, and therefore could not comfortably recommend, it appeared to return to normal.

Then yesterday, I published a post about DVD films. When I looked at it, sure enough, the glitch had reappeared. I tried logging off and on again. I tried to keep reloading the page. Nothing worked, and this jumbled selection kept showing up, appearing to include even more random blogs, some in a foreign language. As I had no idea why this was happening, I decided to delete the widget that shows other blogs I follow.

I just want to let everyone know the reason for this, and to assure you that I am still following your blogs as normal, and that it was nothing personal.

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.