100 A Day

No, this isn’t about cigarette consumption.

Recent weeks have seen me delving into the stats once again.

Despite the potential world-wide appeal of my blog, at least in places where English is spoken, visitors from America account for at least 100 more daily views than from anywhere else. Some days, that figure exceeds 150. On many occasions, it also exceeds the total from all the other countries combined.

Once again I have to conclude that I owe a debt of gratitude to my American followers and readers.

As always, you have my sincere thanks.

Fiction Serial: An overview

My latest twelve-part fiction serial, ‘The Wrong Address’ has now come to an end. As is my habit, I will compile all the episodes into one complete story, and post that next week. I know that some of you don’t have time to keep up with serials, or prefer to read them all at once, in a longer post.

I like to examine the response to them, as they take quite a lot of thought, as well as typing time. It is always interesting to me to see who reads them, who comments, and whether or not readers become involved with the characters.

This last serial received an average of sixty-five views for each episode. Comments were quite low, ranging from twelve to twenty, not including my replies. But that is normal, as people generally don’t need to comment on such serials. Some readers like to speculate on the outcome, guess where a twist might happen, or even predict the fate of certain characters. That makes the whole process really enjoyable for me, as it means that they are really engaged with the story.

When posting fiction, that is the most rewarding response I could wish for.

I have no idea when the next serial will pop into my head. But until then, I would like to thank everyone who stuck with it to the end, and all of those who left the much-valued comments. Also anyone who shared the Twitter notifications, reblogged, or promoted on any other social media.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

338 to 38

Many new bloggers love to read articles and blog posts about blogging. I have published many myself, on that very subject. One thing that disheartens so many bloggers, is how few views they get. Added to a lack of comments, they can often feel that the whole thing is pointless, their blog read by family and friends, and all their excitement about starting that blog has come to nothing.

One of the main tips I give them is to make sure that they are posting content regularly. Whether they have a niche blog on a specific subject, or a varied blog about anything and everything, new content may well find a new audience. One that the previous post failed to capture. Keep posting, continue to put your stuff out there, and it will hopefully get attention in time. But of course, many do not heed that advice. They post excitedly at first, then become dejected by lack of engagement. Their output slows down, and finally stops.

So I offer an example of how important it is to keep posting, irrespective of whether you have 4 followers, or 4,000+.

I recently put out a post explaining that I would be away from the blog for a while, and would not be posting much, or keeping up with everyone I follow. The day before, my main blog had received 338 views, higher than my daily average. Today, my blog has so far received just 38 views, back to the figures I used to get the first week I started out, in 2012.
But I understand why. I haven’t posted any content since a film review on the 19th, and in just two days, my daily views have dropped by 300.
Content is King. Good content is even better.

Learn by my own example here, and keep writing. Keep posting your photos, keep crafting, or whatever it is you do. No content equals no views.

After all, why should they bother, if you don’t?

Serial Fiction: The latest one

I have now concluded my ten-part fiction serial, ‘It Begins’. During this week, I will put it all together in one long post, for those of you who prefer to read it all at once.

As usual, I would like to thank everyone who read it all, and especially those who left the valued comments. Nothing pleases me more than to see people trying to work out what might happen, or having opinions about the characters.

Following on from past serials, it attracted the same number of readers, between 50-70 for each part. That’s fine with me, as I appreciate that sticking with a 1000+ word fiction piece every day is not to everyone’s taste. And most people just don’t have the time to spare either. If anyone didn’t like the story, feel free to tell me that too. I am always interested in your opinions, either way.

I know from previous experience that some readers are interested in how I work out what happens, and get the various characters together in the same place. On this occasion, I diverted from the earlier serials, by having the ending in mind before I started on Part One. I worked ‘backwards’ from the final paragraph, to create the world that Jack lived in, leading up to the conclusion.

I have no idea when the next serial will pop into my head. Meanwhile, I will be working on a ‘Photo-prompt’ short story, inspired by Sue Judd. https://suejudd.com/

Thanks again, and best wishes to you all. Pete.

More Blog Trivia

I know that many of you couldn’t care less about stats, views, or most popular posts. However, such things fascinate me, especially where my own blogs are concerned. Fiddling around with the stats on a wet and dismal Saturday afternoon, I clicked on ‘All Time’, and waited for it to load. It presented me with a list of all posts that have had over 95 views, and the top ten didn’t really hold any surprises. With close to 200,000 views of my blog, these ten qualify as the ‘big hitters’ on beetleypete.

Archives. 49,973.
Whatever Happened To?: Jamiroquai. 3,595.
About Page. 2,247.
Dereham: A Norfolk Town. 1,605.
The Driest County In England. 1,375.
Whatever Happened To?: Jimmy Somerville. 1,349.
Beetley Village. 740.
Beachlands, Pevensey Bay. 665.
Birds Don’t Like Cornflakes. 636.
Ollie: A Dog’s Likes And Dislikes. 557.

Out of 2,155 posts, it seems that the most popular include the whereabouts of former pop stars, descriptions of a Norfolk town and nearby village, and what is the supposedly driest county in England. Many are interested in an unusual Art Deco housing estate in Pevensey Bay, and others are trying to establish if wild birds will eat cornflakes. At least my own biography and photo made it to number three, even if Ollie, the undoubted star of this blog, only scraped in at number ten.

So much for giving my all with short stories, and fictional serials. Hours spent trying to get relevant and informative photographs to entertain the readers. Personal stories of my 22 years as an EMT in London, and raking over the nostalgia of my youth in a very different London. I obviously need to write more about faded musicians, and towns and villages. Give the readers what they really want! 🙂

Some of you are aware that I also have another blog. A political blog called redflagflying.wordpress.com. Quite a few of you follow that one too, and I am grateful for that, as it has never achieved a very wide readership. On a good day, it might get eight views. But I don’t mind, as I don’t post that much on it. Whilst on the topic of stats, I decided to see what was popular on that one too. As it is much smaller, I only list the top five posts.

Archives. 2,102.
About Page. 153.
The Democratic Process. 148.
History Is Bunk. 143.
Goodbye, Postman Pat. 124.

This from just 140 posts, since 2013.

Two very different blogs indeed.