Scenes From Old London: 1900

More everyday scenes from London, photographed around 1900.

A policeman directing the busy horse-drawn traffic in Piccadilly.

A similar scene in Piccadilly on a different day. Traffic congestion was just as bad 122 years ago as it is now.

Piccadilly Circus at the time.

Clerkenwell, known as ‘Little Italy’.

A street in Kensington, when that area was considered to be a slum.

A woman selling fish from a cart. (Jon has let me know this was actually taken in Whitby, Yorkshire. It was listed along with the others as ‘Old London’. I have left it in anyway, as it is evocative of the era.)

Wych Street.

Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

Some parts of London were still very rural in 1900. Here is a blacksmith’s forge in Highgate at the time, and a residential street nearby.