New Followers: Thanks And Apologies

This is by way of information to all the people who have recently followed my blog.

I no longer get notification of new followers by email, only in the sidebar. Then the sidebar does not allow me to comment about that at the moment. I usually visit the blog of anyone who follows mine, and leave a comment thanking them. Due to recent glitches, that is no longer possible.

So if you have recently followed this blog, please be aware that it is appreciated, and you have my thanks for doing so.

Another Twitter Thank You

I haven’t been very active on Twitter during the last few weeks. No idea why that is, it just happened.

But I try to check in from time to time to retweet some of your tweets, and regularly share posts on Twitter too.

Logging on today, I noticed more than 30 notifications of retweets and likes on some of my Twitter activity. So I would just like to thank you all again, as I don’t seem to ever get around to individual Thank You tweets.

You know who you are. 🙂

Best wishes, Pete.

Twitter: A Thank You

I have been very inactive on Twitter for the past week, and I am not even attempting to catch up with everyone. At the moment, Twitter is like a Niagra Falls of endless tweets, and I doubt I will be doing much on there for some time to come.

But I want to thank everyone who continues to like and retweet my posts that are shared there.

You know who you are, and you are all much appreciated.

Pete 🙂 x

Fiction Serial: An overview

My latest twelve-part fiction serial, ‘The Wrong Address’ has now come to an end. As is my habit, I will compile all the episodes into one complete story, and post that next week. I know that some of you don’t have time to keep up with serials, or prefer to read them all at once, in a longer post.

I like to examine the response to them, as they take quite a lot of thought, as well as typing time. It is always interesting to me to see who reads them, who comments, and whether or not readers become involved with the characters.

This last serial received an average of sixty-five views for each episode. Comments were quite low, ranging from twelve to twenty, not including my replies. But that is normal, as people generally don’t need to comment on such serials. Some readers like to speculate on the outcome, guess where a twist might happen, or even predict the fate of certain characters. That makes the whole process really enjoyable for me, as it means that they are really engaged with the story.

When posting fiction, that is the most rewarding response I could wish for.

I have no idea when the next serial will pop into my head. But until then, I would like to thank everyone who stuck with it to the end, and all of those who left the much-valued comments. Also anyone who shared the Twitter notifications, reblogged, or promoted on any other social media.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

Seasonal Salutations

It has been a very good year at beetleypete. I introduced photographs for the first time, and they were received with great enthusiasm. I had my biggest daily views, and a large number of new followers. (Most of these, I am happy to say, were ‘genuine.’) I ventured ever deeper into the world of fiction, and the published stories achieved good viewing figures, and mostly positive feedback.

My enjoyment with blogging continues unabated, and I have even followed some new bloggers, expanding my area of interest even further. All my categories have been going strong, save for the Ambulance Stories, which to a large extent, have run their course. I have enjoyed posting (and taking) the photos, and have been delighted by the positive reception that they have had.

With a few notable exceptions, all the members of my blogging community have managed to survive 2015, and in most cases, have gone from strength to strength, which has given me great pleasure. I cannot stress enough how much a part of my life blogging has become, and how it gives me satisfaction, fulfillment, and pleasure. If it wasn’t for all of you out there, that would be diminished, undoubtedly.

I won’t go into names and sites, but you know who you are. Thank you with all my heart, for your loyalty, comments, likes, and of course, your own blogs. They give me inspiration, and the will to go on, and to try different things. I might still write my blog if you were absent, but it would be a cold and lonely place, without you in it.

Whatever your beliefs, and however you celebrate the Christmas season, I send you my sincere best wishes. I look forward to doing it all again, hopefully a lot better, in 2016. Pete.