Thinking Aloud On A Sunday

Clocks forward.

We had our summertime clock change at 02:00.

So when I woke up when it as still dark at 6am, it was actually 7am.

That still felt to early and dark to get up, so I managed to get back to sleep.

I must have needed that sleep, as I didn’t wake up again until 9:45am.

Which of course was now 10:45am. Confused? I was.

It all reminded me of this old song, from 1969.

Short Thoughts (41)

Scruff didn’t seem to want to go out that day.

But he clipped on the lead anwyay.

“Come on, old boy. Time to go to the shops”.

Walking around town, the small terrier got attention.

And when he came out of the shops, people would be stroking old Scruff.

Then he got to talk to them too.

If only for a moment.

Short Thoughts (37)

They hadn’t seen him for a week.

Post sticking out of the letterbox.

Milk delivered but not taken inside.

The police were called, and forced entry.

An old man, naked and dead. Face down on some plastic.

The plastic of a now deflated, inflatable doll.

An undignified departure from this life.