East London In The 1960s: Tony Hall.

This is the East End in the afternoon, as photographed by newspaper artist Tony Hall in the 1960s while wandering with his camera in the quiet hours between shifts on The Evening News newspaper in Fleet St.

Photographs copyright © Libby Hall

Old men sleeping on a bench in Roman Road.

Two old men discussing something serious.

A grand old house awaiting demolition.

Children playing by a derelict house, and happy to pose for the camera.

Children building a bonfire on wasteland, probably for Guy Fawkes’ Night.

Market Stall lit up in fading light.

A young housewife posing on her doorstep.

A much older housewife also on her doorstep.

A small boy wrapped up for the cold weather.

An elderly woman outside some tenement flats.

Scrap dealers still using a horse and cart.

Children playing in an abandoned wrecked car.