The Recent Serial: The Absence Of A Twist

As most of you know, my fifteen-part serial ‘A Natural Attraction’ has now concluded. I always like to reflect on such long works of fiction, in the hope that it might interest those of you who may be considering doing something similar.

This time, I chose a darker theme, with adult overtones. I attempted to look behind one of those closed doors we are never privy to, and in the process to consider one outcome of something we see widely reported in the media these days. It was not a comfortable subject to read, or for that matter to write. But I hope you will agree that stories like those need to be told. Not only to enhance awareness, but also in part to promote understanding of how and why some tragic events happen.

I also deliberately avoided the use of a ‘twist’ ending. I made that clear from the start, but I still apologise to the many of you who might have been hoping for one. That decision may well have cost me some drop in readership numbers, but I didn’t think a twist was appropriate for this subject.

It is a big ask to expect readers to stick with so many episodes, and so many words in each one. In this case, it still attracted around 70+ views a day, totalling just under 1200 views so far. Comments were fewer this time, which might have had something to do with the dark theme of the story.

But as usual, I would like to thank everyone who stuck with it until the end, and of course all of you who left comments, reblogged, and shared on Twitter.

For those of you who like to read the whole thing in one long story, that will be available by the end of this week.

Thanks again, and best wishes to you all. Pete.