Twitter: Musk’s Mess

You may not be aware of issues with Twitter today. (Or may not care) Users are getting this message.

**Update. It seems to be back to normal for now**

{“errors”:[{“message”:”Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information”,”code”:467}]}

I have researched online, and there is currently no fix for this glitch. So I am unable to share any links to the posts of my blogging friends. (Or my own posts)

Just so you know.

Twitter Friends

Dear Twitter friends. I have to apologise to you for failing to engage on that platform for quite some time now.

I just cannot seem to concentrate that much at the moment, as my mind is full of ‘other issues’.

Thanks to those who retweet my posts meanwhile. You are much appreciated.

Mid-February Sunday Musings From Beetley

It has been a quieter week, and I am pleased about that.

More bright sunshine heralded every day. It was so nice one morning, I took Ollie out early, and managed some photos in decent light. If you didn’t see that post, here’s a link.

A Sunny February Morning With The Camera


That sunny and cold weather is set to change though. Heavy rain is arriving from the Atlantic Ocean, set to drench us later today, and during the coming week.


Ollie was 10 years old yesterday. He loved his new toys, which seem to have rejuvenated him. He spent most of yesterday rushing around playing with them, and went straight to his Walrus when he woke up this morning. I am hoping this coming year will see him free from the infections and medical issues that have plagued his short life.
But my fingers had to be crossed as I typed that.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Julie and I only exhange cards, and we do not buy into the ‘Valentine Industry’. Flowers are hiked-up in price, restaurants are fully-booked with themed menus, and heart-shaped gifts just end up at the back of cupboards, never to be looked at again.

If you intend to celebrate, please spare a thought for the lonely and unloved in your community too. All this outpouring of love and affection must be annual torture for them.


I haven’t spent much time on Twitter lately, so apologies for not forwarding many of your tweets, or noticing if you have done the same for me.


Wherever you are, I hope you are happy today, and enjoying a wonderful Sunday.


Twitter: Why do I bother?

I have had 361 followers on Twitter for as long as I can remember.

Not complaining! I am very happy to have any at all.

I only use it to promote my blog posts, and to retweet those of other bloggers/tweeters.

I try to get on there every day, but don’t always succeed in doing very much.

Tonight, I was trying to retweet some posts, but as usual, it ran away with me.

No sooner had I decided to retweet something, then there were 30 new tweets in front of it.

To be honest, I have to ask a question.

Is Twitter really worth the time it takes?

Answers on a postcard please.

A WordPress Exchange On Twitter

I saw an advertisement on Twitter. WordPress want to recruit more ‘Happiness Engineers’, for Customer Service.

We are growing! Check out our open, fully distributed roles across engineering, design, Happiness (customer service), marketing (and more!). Get all of the details on how to apply here:

So I replied.

“Happiness? Give us back the Classic Editor, and I will be happy! Listen to your customers and bloggers!”
Then they replied.

Replying to

If you really want to use something like the classic editor, we recommend sticking with the classic block: We also have some extensive documentation available at

I answered.

“It’s not the Classic Editor though, is it? Just let us have have the option. What’s the problem? You know it’s possible. So many users absolutely hate Block Editor, and cannot work it out. Look after your users and paying customers. (like me) Do the right thing for once.”

Nothing since then. Not surprised.

Tumbleweed Blog

It seems that one feature of the start of 2021 is a distinct lack of blogging activity from the 100+ bloggers that I follow.

Some of you appear to have posted nothing at all, others just entries in ‘challenges’, and those usually prolific bloggers seem to have cut down their output drastically too.

With bad weather outside, and an early dog-walk under my belt, I have had plenty of time today to peruse both the world of WordPress, and even spend more time on Twitter than I usually allocate.

But there is not much happening, and I can feel the proverbial tumbleweed drifting across blank screens and unused keyboards. I even got to the end of my Twitter feed, for only the second time in eight years!

I have made a fair contribution, as this will be my third post today. And I have written up part one of my new serial, if only to give myself something to read. That will appear tomorrow morning, for anyone interested.

If this carries on, I will be having a ‘Blogs Followed’ clearout, and following some new people this year.

In fact, let’s all do that, shall we? Follow someone new, in 2021.

Missing Twitter?

I haven’t had access to my Twitter account for some time now. They wanted to send a verification code to my mobile, and that wasn’t working.

I have been informed that the phone is now repaired, and ready for collection. Unfortunately, I cannot collect it until I have had a result of my Covid-19 test, so I remain phone-less. (That is not good grammar, I know.)

Other than the occasional personal message, I only ever used Twitter to publicise my posts, and those of other bloggers I follow. I gave some time over every day to quickly scroll through the fast-moving timeline, and retweet as many posts as I could, before being overwhelmed by the duplicates, and the constant flow of new tweets. I know some people appreciated that, so I kept on doing it.

But since my absence, I doubt I have been missed. The ‘Twitterlanche’ of constant tweets has gone on without my presence, and not even noticed I wasn’t there.

Thinking about it, do I really need to bother, once I have my phone back?

The jury in my head is out.