DOG LOVERS! Respond to this post from Usual Muttwits, and you might see your beloved pooch immortalised! It’s free, and fun!


Who likes Muttwits?You do, of course – but wouldn’t it be great if you could show the world your very own muttwit on

Simply trot over to our emailzozoandjools@yahoo.comand send us a sharp photo of your sharp-looking bestie, together with 1)name, 2)breed: incl. age + sex 3)personalitya few words on wot makes yor muttwit special.Every Monday we will share all the Muttshots on Usual Muttwits Most Wanted.

In fact, once a month Zozo will choose a few Muttshots and draw them.Some may even trot into upcoming stories…


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Your Dog Online: Usual Muttwits

The Usual Muttwits site may well feature your very own canine pal on their ‘Most Wanted’ page!
Dogs tails from Westley Piddle
Just follow the instructions below, and your favourite doggy pal may well become a blogging star!

Who likes Muttwits? You do, of course – but wouldn’t it be great if you could see your very own muttwit on

Introducing the Usual Muttwits Most Wanted page of all your furry besties!

Simply trot over to the Usual Muttwits Facebook page, or go direct to and upload a sharply-focused Muttshot of your sharp-looking doggy (together with name, age and breed, plus a few words on personality) and we’ll share on our new sub-page.

Every month Zozo will choose a few Muttshots and draw them. Some may even trot into upcoming stories…

Blog Feature: Usual Muttwits

Some readers may recall a blog started by one of my oldest friends, Julian. It was full of amusing stories about the doggy residents of an imaginary town, and their feline arch-enemy. Well that blog has been revamped, and now has great new illustrations by Zozo alongside the amusing stories.

Each character now has their own feature too, with the drawings summing them up perfectly.

Whether lamenting about the lack of available food, or investigating new canine arrivals, the antics of the Muttwits gang reads like a wonderful soap opera of the activities of all the pets in the town of Westley Piddle. If you own a dog, have ever owned one, or just love them, I am sure you will find this blog a delight. There is also a book in the works.
Dogs tails from Westley Piddle

So check out this new blog, treat yourself to some great illustrations, and a good laugh at the stories. Perfect Lockdown relief!