Can you help me choose the cover?

Please help Rich Lakin choose the cover for his forthcoming novel. It will only take a few seconds, and you can vote for your choice in the comments on HIS blog.
Many thanks, Pete.

Richard Lakin's Blog

If you have a few seconds free, I’d really appreciate your opinion…..

I’ve written a book which, subject to any late changes, I’m going to self publish in the coming weeks.

It’s a suspense/thriller novel of around 95,000 words called ‘I Know She’s Out There.’

I’m preparing the cover and tidying/editing the text at the moment.

To assist I’ve included the elevator pitch below:

After her release from psychiatric care Chrissy Clews is quietly rebuilding her life working at a motorway service station when her former teacher walks in and tries to discreetly buy a porn magazine. He doesn’t recognise her, but when he drops his wallet she hides it and can’t resist looking inside. She’s shocked to find a tatty passport photo of Laura Duggan, a school friend who went missing 30 years ago and was never seen again.She decides to investigate…

I’ve taken some images and mocked…

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Help Me Help You

Vote for your preferred blog content!
The hugely helpful blogger and all-round nice guy, Nicholas Rossis, is conducting a poll about what you would like to see on his blog.
It is very rare that we get to choose the blog content on someone else’s blog, so please go and vote. There are only a few options, so it won’t take a moment.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Since 2014, I have published almost 1,500 posts on my blog. I am grateful to you all, not just for your visits and comments, but also for letting me be part of such an awesome writing community.

When I first published my books, I could never have imagined the level of support I would get from so many people. People who rapidly went from virtual (pun intended) strangers to close friends.

Through the years, a great number of you have told me how much this blog has helped you with your own book marketing or writing.

That gave me an idea. Today, I’d like to hear a little more about you. That way, I can better tailor my posts to your needs, instead of writing about whatever tickles my fancy. So, if you could answer a few questions, you’d be helping me help you more.

Thank you for participating!

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