It Stopped Raining!

After four solid days and nights of torrential rain, I have to note that it has just stopped raining!

Registered at 19:43 hours, on the 13th of June. (Yes, Summer!)

When the cessation of rain is worth a blog post, you truly know what it is like to have been under water for so long.

I don’t think for a moment that this is the end of it, but not having to listen to rain hitting the windows is a joy beyond compare.

So, for all of you perhaps tired of days that are too warm and dry. Be careful what you wish for!

It was worth using ‘bold print’, I assure you!

Monsoon Season in Beetley

It has now been raining non-stop for close to 45 hours here.

The noise of the rain and wind kept waking me up during the night, and I finally surfaced at 8:30 to the sound of howling wind and the rain pelting against the windows.

The shed is beginning to flood as the saturated ground starts to allow water to seep into everything. The side entrance is under an inch of water, and some local roads have flood warnings in operation. Driving is hazardous, and water can be seen pouring off the fields like small waterfalls.

The forecast is for ‘more of the same’. I checked the calendar, and confirmed that it is ten days until midsummer’s day.

TV forecasters try to cheer us up with phrases like “The Farmers need the rain”, or “It’s welcomed by gardeners”.

But it is not welcomed by me, I can assure you of that.