Normality returns

From tomorrow, the 4th of January, life goes back to normal in Beetley. Other than some different days for bin collections, the local kids go back to school, people who still go out to work (including Julie) start work again, and all shop-opening hours return to pre-Christmas times.

One of the things about geting old, at least for me, is comfort in familiarity. I don’t embrace change as I once did, (if I ever did) and like to know my routine is not disrupted. Just like my beloved dog, Ollie, I am happy with what I know.

Because of the Christmas holidays, I had to write down the bin-collection revisions on my new 2022 Sharpei calendar. I always have a calendar on my desk, and write everything I need to remember in the large box provided for each day. When you are retired, so many days merge into a blur, so I also get a lot of comfort from my calendar.

(Tech wizards please note*, I am too old to rely on a mobile phone to tell me all this stuff.)

So from tomorrow, I will be able to ring the Vet to get Ollie sorted, and ring the car mechanics to get my car sorted. I will be able to make a booking for Julie’s birthday meal on the 14th, and every service normally used will be back to normal.

That makes me very relieved.

Since Christmas Eve, I have felt as if I was in limbo. Every day was the same, just different levels of housework or cooking required. Once Julie’s birthday is celebrated on the 14th, (I have already bought the card and presents) we can relax until my birthday in March.

I have eleven months until the Christmas madness starts all over again, and I will enjoy every one of them.

The Longest Shortest Month

It is only the 17th of february today, but to me it already feels like the 44th of February. Strange how the shortest month can seem so long, especially after arriving as it did with severe winter weather, and a reminder that Spring might still be some way off.

Valentine’s Day is halfway through the month, but to me it already feels like that happened three weeks ago.

And this year is not even a Leap Year, when that extra day on the 29th feels more like an extra week.

I once worked with someone whose birthday was the 29th of February. He made quite a lot of the fact that his birth date was only once every four years. When he was 32, his wife gave him a birthday card with ‘8 Today!’ on the front.

He loved February, for obvious reasons. I don’t like it, for my reasons.

Come on March, get here soon!