Dog Language

We all know that dogs can’t talk, but instead have their ways to show us how they are feeling. Using posture, tail movements, and occasionally barking. We can often manage to translate a lot of that into understanding their moods or desires.

I found these three graphics on Pinterest, and they all seem to agree on what our best friends are trying to ‘say’. I recognise so much of this from Ollie, and if you have a pet dog, or have ever owned one, I am sure you will find it familiar too.

Family Fame! My Cousin’s Pumpkin

The famous Chelsea Flower Show in London had to be moved to September this year, because of the pandemic restrictions. That meant some autumnal things could feature for the first time ever, including pumpkins.

My young cousin Ben White lives in Essex, where he grows a lot of things both in his garden, and in large polytunnels rented on land nearby. One of the things he likes to grow every year is a giant pumpkin. This year, his whopper was accepted for inclusion in the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Getting it down to London was no easy task.

Once in place, it fast became the talking point of the whole show. He was interviewed by most newspapers, and on the radio too. And many people wanted to be photographed with the now-famous pumpkin, including celebrities. (Ben is the young man in the centre of the photo.)

To get some more idea of the size, one show visitor added her baby, which rested quite happily on the pumpkin.

Well done to Ben for that great achievement!

Farewell Windows 10

I saw this yesterday on Twitter. It was the first I had heard about it.

Windows UK
The new Windows 11 is coming on 5th October to bring you closer to what you love. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a total film lover, you can find your favourite apps, films, and games more quickly and easily in the new Microsoft Store.

In April 2020, I bought a new PC after the old one running Windows 7 started to break down. Now after just 18 months, Windows 10 is to be replaced before I had even managed to fully understand it!

Microsoft is apparently offering a free upgrade, but only if my current PC ‘meets the requirements’ to download it. If not, it seems likely I will be having to consider replacing a perfectly working PC sometime next year.

Planned obsolescene strikes again. So much for Microsoft’s carbon footprint.

Clearing Up A Bridge Confusion

As someone who lived in London for most of his life, I do get unusally annoyed by the same old mistakes concerning that city. Because of recent protests by climate change activists, both Tower Bridge and London Bridge have featured heavily on the news media and social media over the past few days. Twitter is busy today with many videos and photos about the protests, and hundreds of people are also posting photos of themselves by the bridges in question.

Trouble is, many of them don’t know which bridge is actually London Bridge, even when they are standing on it. Allow me to clear this up for you, once and for all.



Twitter users, bloggers, social media maniacs, tourists, and photographers. PLEASE REMEMBER!

Rant over.

Behind Closed Doors

I recently came across this article. It is very long, and very upsetting to read.

**Be warned**
This is very disturbing, and contains many ‘triggers’ for some people, including child abuse and neglect.

However, I think it has to be read. This is not Victorian England. This is modern-day Ireland in the 21st century, as recently as 2018.

If you think it is incredible. I agree.
If you think it is appalling. I agree.

I worked as an EMT in london for 22 years, and I never ceased to be amazed at what happens ‘behind closed doors’.

This is proof that it is still going on, and sadly is unlikely to ever go away.

The Complexities Of English Spelling

I found an article online that explores the reasons why English has such confusing and inconsistent spellings, making it one of the hardest languages to learn.

This may be of interest to writers, and to those studying English as a foreign language.

Freedom Day

Yesterday was the so-called ‘Freedom day’ here. The ending of all formal and legal restrictions in England relating to the pandemic. The country has now ‘Opened Up’.

No more legal requirement to wear face coverings or masks.
No more compulsory soocial distancing.
Theatres, Cinemas, Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants, all fully open with no more restrictions on numbers.
Outside and inside events allowed without any limit on numbers attending.
Families allowed to visit loved ones in hospitals and care homes after such a long time.

Not everyone was happy about that.

Those with health conditions that give them reduced immunity. Staff at care homes being told masks were still compulsory for them, as well as vaccinations being mandatory. People attending hospitals, health clinics, and doctor’s appointments becoming angry that masks are still compulsory in those places. Despite the high statistics surrounding the vaccination programme, infections are still increasing, especially among those who have refused vaccination, or are in the younger age groups.

To confuse the issue even more, our buffoon of a Prime Minister then announced that from September, anyone attending an enclosed nightclub will have to show proof of vaccination, or will not be allowed in. I can understand their anger. Yesterday, they could go to a nightclub with no vaccination, and no mask. In September, that will not be allowed if they are not vaccinated. It is crazy. Why not wait until September to open them?

Because of money. It’s always about money. Pressure from the entertainment industry, and drinks manufacturers, the need to open during the peak holiday season, and get in as much money as possible before new restrictions apply at the end of that season, in September. The holiday market is equally confused. You can travel to some countries with no need to self-isolate on return, as long as you have had both vaccinations. If not, you will have to self-isolate for 10-14 days on return from your holiday. That means a 2-week holiday requires up to 4 weeks off work, so is not possible for the majority of the population.

Travel on public transport was left to the discretion of the carrier. So in London, the Mayor has made mask-wearing compulsory on all London Transport for the foreseeable future. But in other cities, it is to be left up to the traveller to decide whether ot not to wear a mask.

It’s a complete mess, and full of contradictions. The government has shown itself to be both decisive and indecisive in the same sentence. Many are confused, and that’s understandable.

No other European country facing a steady increase in infections attached to a new variant has taken the chance to open up fully. England has become an ‘experiment’.

An experiment with the lives of its people at stake.

Canada Day 2021

I would like to wish all my Canadian friends, blog followers, and readers a very Happy Canada Day!

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful (and safe) celebration.

Et pour ces francophones là-bas, mes meilleurs vœux à vous aussi.

Best wishes to you all over there, Pete. 🙂 X